Frontier Pitts Middle East Offers an Excellent Service in Manufacturing and Supplying Security Gates and Bollards

Frontier Pitts is the leading British Manufacturer of Security Gates, Automatic and Manual Barriers, Road blockers, Bollards, and Pedestrian Control Gates and Turnstiles. With a crew dedicated to maintaining the equipment, Frontier Pitts Middle East is more than just a manufacturer of perimeter security tools. No other business has more knowledge and experience than Frontier Pitts, the cutting-edge manufacturer, to repair their own products. The Aftersales & Engineering Department at Frontier Pitts Middle East offers a variety of services, such as National Breakdown Service, Repair, Refurbishment, Spare Parts, Maintenance Contracts, Installation of Products, Added Value Engineering, Supervision During Installation, Commissioning the Products, Handing over the Project, and End User Training.

Security Car Park Barriers

Industrial facilities with limited access are not complete without a security gate barrier. An automatic security gate barrier system is used to make sure that only authorized people are allowed entry to certain grounds. In the region of Abu Dhabi and Dubai, Frontier Pitts is the top gate manufacturer and supplier. No matter the height or width of the entrance for people, heavy trucks, or other types of access, Frontier Pitts’ gates may be accommodated into existing spaces as a parking barrier. Types of gates manufactured and supplied by Frontier Pitts are Bullet resistant Gates, Crash rated Gates, Security Gates, Sliding Gates, Hinged Gates, Bi-Fold Gates, and LPS 1175 Gates.


Traffic flow and parking for all kinds of vehicles can be managed using a bollard. For the public and private sectors, Frontier Pitts offers a wide selection of bollard barrier. Bollards are strong posts that prevent access for vehicles from pedestrian areas or restricted roads. The static bollard aids in people’s movement and evacuation direction, according to research that has been supported. Since safety bollards are currently the least expensive solution for preventing HVM entrance to a location, they are widely accessible. The needed crash grade completely determines the size of the bollard, and other finishes are also an option.

In-house engineering team of Frontier Pitts Middle East has the ability to adapt the standard range of products to offer bespoke solutions to suit specific applications and fixed tender specifications. The current impact test program enables them to bring new products to the market whilst staying ahead of the competition.  Frontier Pitts Middle East has been qualified and audited to the ISO 9001:2015 standard and also the company is approved to the Nuclear Industry’s List N.

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