Freename launches the Web3 Browser Extension – surf the Internet with Web3 Domains

Freename has launched the Web3 Browser Extension, available for Google Chrome, Mozilla and Brave: users can now navigate the internet with Web3 domains. Once installed in one click, the extension offers different Web3 features: first of all it allows users to surf the internet with Freename domains. In simple terms, with the plugin users can redirect Web3 domains to specific traditional websites, such as personal branding pages, companies’ websites, social media profiles and so on. This is a fundamental step in the Web3 world because it increases the spectrum of applications for blockchain-based domains, linking them directly to the traditional Internet world. Users just have to install the extension, access the management panel of their Freename domain and indicate the page url to which they want to redirect it: as simple as that. Then, to browse the domain, just type it through the “browse” button in the extension or through the navigation bar of the browser with “http://” as prefix. 

Freename launches Web3 Browser Extension

Web3 and Web2: Freename’s ecosystem is the link. The browser extension offers additional functions to Web3 domains users. For instance, the “Browser” button allows users to search and purchase domains and TLDs directly on the Freename site and the “Web3 WHOIS” button provides access to the first and only Web3 WHOIS on the market. This is a unique place where users can find the domains behind any wallet’s address and find the wallet addresses behind any minted domains. Currently it queries wallets, domains and TLDs from Freename, Unstoppable Domains and the ENS registry. Two major features will soon be available, as can be guessed from the extension’s screenshot. “Send tokens” is the feature that allows tokens to be sent and received to specific wallet addresses through Web3 domains. “Send Web3 emails” is the feature that allows to send blockchain-based emails and messages through Freename domains. The Swiss company will soon make further announcements regarding the official releases of both features.Freename’s Web3 ecosystem is on the one hand increasingly integrated into the Web2 world and its uses, and on the other hand has a number of vertical functionalities in the Web3 world that make it concretely usable for the tangible needs of users, such as sending an email or surfing a website.

Freename Browser Extension features

About Freename:

Freename is the leading Web3 TLDs and Domains platform where users can register and mint their own Web3 TLDs and Domains. Furthermore, on Freename, users can trademark their Web3 TLDs and Domains to protect their own Web3 Identity worldwide.

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