25,000 Early Adopters Join HUDI’s DataMask Beta: Empowering People to Own Their Data

25,000 Early Adopters Join HUDI's DataMask Beta: Empowering People to Own Their Data

A new era in data management and ownership has begun, as HUDI (Human Data Income) has launched the beta version of DataMask. This revolutionary browser extension acts as a digital wallet for personal data, empowering individuals to take back control of their information and monetize it safely and securely.

DataMask is a critical player in the HUDI ecosystem, seeking to establish a new standard in data management that benefits users and companies alike. Companies can access accurate data while only paying for what they use, while users can earn by allowing companies to use their data.

In addition to its data management capabilities, DataMask offers a range of privacy benefits, including data encryption, blocking of cookies and third-party trackers, and blocking of pop-ups and ads. The extension is free for users and comes with registration rewards in HUDI tokens.

“DataMask empowers individuals to take control of their data and monetize it transparently and securely,” said HUDI CEO Francesco Maria Ballarani. “It’s a game-changer for how we think about our personal information and its value.”

The potential of DataMask is evident, with over 25,000 early adopters and 2.5 million page views in its first month. Users can store and manage all their sensitive and non-sensitive information, and make informed decisions about how to use their data for personal or financial gain.

Video Link: https://www.youtube.com/embed/f7IYMMGVlZ8

“It’s time for individuals to have a say in how their data is used and valued,” added Ballarani. “DataMask is the tool that makes this a reality.”

To get started with DataMask, visit the website and click on the download button: https://humandataincome.com/datamask

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About HUDI:

HUDI is a startup on a mission to change how we think about data ownership and management. By creating a new standard that benefits individuals and companies, HUDI empowers people to take control of their personal information and monetize it safely and securely.

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