iChessOne coming to Kickstarter: Revolutionary Wooden Chessboard, both Foldable and Electronic

iChessOne coming to Kickstarter: Revolutionary Wooden Chessboard, both Foldable and Electronic
By chess players for chess lovers – an electronic chessboard that looks, feels, and folds like a classic wooden set. iChessOne is pleased to announce the Kickstarter campaign of a patent-pending innovation: OTB (over-the-board) experience for online chess, even while traveling.

“We designed iChessOne to resolve problems we have encountered with other electronic chessboards so far”, says Janusz Lisowski, chess player, and Founder. All the sets available on the market are in the form of a flat board, big in size and rather heavy, difficult to take on a trip or play outdoors. “As a seaside person, I love to play near the beach, so I decided to take on the challenge of inventing a chessboard that will be both electronic and foldable”, he adds. Along with his team, he managed to develop an original construction with wireless transmission and electronics hidden under the wood, allowing the board to fold and store pieces inside like in traditional sets. 

iChessOne stays true to chess traditions in every sense: tournament standard size, Staunton 5 piece design, and especially – following the art of high-quality craftsmanship. It is handcrafted in Europe out of beech, sycamore, and mahogany woods, with the undersides of each piece finished with green felt. Thoughtful design not only makes the electronic parts, including LED diodes, entirely invisible when not used but also provides well-appreciated storage space for 2 extra Queens, an elegant wooden phone stand, a pen, and a USB cable.

What outstands iChessOne is the power of online chess hidden in a luxurious, compact wooden set, easy to take everywhere. LED movement indicators, RFID piece recognition, and an app integrated with chess servers allow the players to practice online without the need to stare at a flat screen.

Real board experience for online chess, portability and high-end execution are what test users have loved about iChessOne. “We hope that the upcoming Kickstarter campaign will help us make this unique chessboard available for all chess enthusiasts around the globe, who have struggled with getting regular OTB training”, says Lech Bakalarz, Co-founder and awarded electronics designer.

To learn more about the campaign and sign up for the 45% early bird discounts, while Kickstarter is launching, visit iChessOne page.

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