What is 3D Guided Manipulator Arm Palletizing?

1. Advanced visual technology 
With high frame number and high-resolution DLP binocular stereo cameras, the contours of small stacks can be identified very well, and the combination of multiple exposure technology can effectively overcome the imaging difficulties of many types of packages, such as reflective light absorption folds and deformation.
2. Powerful algorithm
Based on the deep learning algorithm, the segmentation and positioning of full-type stacked packages can be realized, and the three-dimensional spatial information of packages can be accurately acquired by combining 2D and 3D information.
3. Intelligent Motion Planning
Built-in collision detection, trajectory planning and other advanced algorithms can effectively avoid collisions according to actual conditions while grabbing single or several objects.
4. Easy to learn and fast deployment
Plug and play is modular and workflow configuration. It is easy to operate. One button com pletes target positioning of hand and eye marks, provides various grabbing strategies, visual programming software and one button simulation function.
5. Suitable for all kinds of common objects
The industrial grade “3D” camera for palletizing has high precision, fast field of view and can handle the palletizing type up to 2m*2m*2m.
6. Support identification and disassembly of mixed carton stacking type 
Support identification and disassembly of mixed carton stacking type without specifying the stacking type beforehand.
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