Ace Med Assist: A Solution For Medical Practice Owners Struggling With Unpaid Claims And Late Payments

Ace Med Assist LLC was founded in early 2022, to provide medical practice owners with a solution for the struggles they were facing due to unpaid claims, insurance rejections, and late payments from third-party insurers. The company was created by a team of experienced professionals, who had extensive knowledge in the healthcare industry and its revenue cycle management.

The primary goal of Ace Med Assist is to help medical providers achieve successful reimbursement rates for their services and provide them with comprehensive solutions for their Revenue Cycle Management (RCM). By utilizing their expertise and experience, Ace Med Assist ensures that practitioners are able to maximize their profitability, while giving them the freedom to focus on providing quality healthcare for their patients.

The team at Ace Med Assist employs many strategies to help medical providers get better reimbursement rates. They use precise coding systems that are compliant with current regulations, and regularly review claims data in order to ensure accuracy. They also have sophisticated software programs, which allow them to quickly review patient records and approve claims quickly and efficiently.

Ace Med Assist’s Revenue Cycle Management solutions include: automatic claims scrubbing to reduce the risk of claim denials or rejections due to incorrect coding or incomplete information; automated payment posting; integrated billing and collections systems; monthly analysis reports for tracking performance over time; account receivable management tools to enable faster collection of outstanding invoices; patient eligibility verification; as well as, HIPAA security reporting tools to protect sensitive client information from unauthorized access or manipulation.

By taking advantage of the services provided by this organization, healthcare providers can take comfort in knowing they are receiving reliable assistance with all aspects of their revenue cycle management efforts. This frees up time, so they can focus more on delivering essential care services, instead of dealing with tedious administrative tasks associated with managing a medical practice successfully.

You can learn more about how to increase monthly revenue to your practice, whilst simultaneously minimizing late payments and denied claims here:

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