MSC Capital Partners Helps Ordinary People Earn Above-Average Passive Income Through Group Investing

Invest in real assets with above-average annualized investor returns while receiving cash flow, appreciation, and tax advantages.

While investing in real estate allows money-savvy individuals to earn passive income today, many are clueless about how real estate investing can catapult their earned income to above-average returns on investment (ROI), speeding their way to reaching the financial freedom they could only dream of. To help ordinary people achieve their retirement goals, real estate investment firm MSC Capital Partners brings its services dedicated to educating people on the ins and outs of group investing.

Founded by firefighter and real estate investor Mike Castain, MSC Capital Partners allows sophisticated and accredited investors to amass significant wealth, without the typical challenges of being a landlord. This type of partnership also gives ordinary investors access to extraordinary investment opportunities. By partnering with the company, investors can enjoy their upside profits without the normal day-to-day hassles of dealing with tenants, toilets, termites, and trash.

MSC Capital Partners will require prospective investors to provide the private equity needed to purchase a property. In return, the company will provide the experience and know-how to find, manage, increase the value, and eventually sell the deal. “By investing as a group, rather than on our own, we are able to buy larger assets that provide greater upside and more stability for all involved investors. We share in the profits & tax benefits and at the same time, we are providing a very valuable service to our tenants. It’s truly a win-win-win situation.” Castain said.

Partnering with the company is ideal for people with no experience or no desire to manage properties or be a landlord to be able to invest in real estate. This investment model allows high-income earners to decrease their taxable income through bonus depreciation. Group investing in real estate is also an alternative to the volatility of the stock market while delivering stable and predictable ROI.

To give an illustration of his company’s strategy, Castain shared his experience in investing in growth markets. He lives in California but he chooses to invest out of state, in growth markets, instead of properties in his state of residence.

Growth markets are located in states that have low taxes, have a low cost of living, are experiencing population and employment growth, and are both landlord and business-friendly. These areas attract major employers and there have been huge migration trends to these locations over the past several years.

“So, if you’re a real estate investor of an apartment building or even single-family rentals, you’d be setting yourself up for success if you’ve invested in these states. And by doing that, you’re increasing your control over your investment and decreasing your risk so you can enjoy above-average returns on your investment,” Castain said.

At MSC Capital Partners, Castain and his team of experts invest in value-add real estate assets while delivering cash flow, appreciation, and tax benefits to their investor partners. They find and acquire suitable real estate assets, manage the properties during the ownership period, and ensure profitability through value-add improvements and appropriate exit strategies making this a truly “hands-free” investment.

Castain has been an entrepreneur and co-managing partner of several small businesses for over 20 years before establishing MSC Capital Partners. A serial entrepreneur with a passion for helping others, he is invested in over 1,700 multifamily units, has managed several rehabilitation projects, and is the president of a homeowners association.

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MSC Capital Partners acquires, improves, and enhances multifamily real estate assets located in growth markets to help its investors earn higher passive income returns while improving communities and providing safe and affordable housing for working-class families.

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