Eligibility criteria to get Turkish eVisa online by Australian and Chinese citizens

Getting a Turkish eVisa online by Australian and Chinese citizens is a simple and easy procedure

The Republic of Turkey permits certain foreign tourists and visitors to enter the nation without having to go through the drawn-out procedure of applying for the traditional or paper Turkish visa, which necessitates a trip to the nearest Turkish embassy or consulate. Instead, those who qualify can apply for a Turkey Electronic Travel Authorization (or Turkey eVisa Online), which can be finished online in a matter of minutes, and then used to visit Turkey.

The Republic of Turkey’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs has issued the official Turkey e-Visa, which serves as a visa waiver and makes it simple and convenient for visitors from other countries to enter the country by commercial or charter flights. 

The Turkey visa application can be filled with a laptop, smartphone, or other devices. It has become easy for Australian and Chinese citizens to apply for Turkish visa application due to this reason.

Australia and China were among the launch members of the Turkey eVisa program. The eligibility criteria for a  Turkey visa for Australian citizens and Turkey Visa for Chinese citizens are the same.

Australian and Chinese citizens must apply for a Turkey eVisa and have a valid travel document or passport to enter Turkey. The Turkey eVisa will be connected to the passport indicated at the time of application, so visitors holding passports from these two countries must make sure they apply with the same passport they will travel with. As the Turkish Visa Online Requirements are digitally preserved against the active passport in the Turkey Immigration system, there is no need to print or produce any documentation at the airport.

The nationals of both countries must have a valid email id to get the visa in their inbox. They must have a credit or debit card or a Paypal account to make the payment for the application.

About Turkish eVisa:

The Turkish eVisa aids citizens from different countries to come and visit Turkey easily.

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