Bug-Bounty announcement from BiXBiT: test new AMS for mining and receive rewards.

The BiXBiT Dev division has released an automated monitoring system (AMS) to assist make mining safer and more convenient. Now everyone can join the Bug-Bounty program as part of the testing of a new system and to provide feedback on how to improve the program.

Any user may now test the monitoring system (AMS) via BiXBiT Dev. At the same time, miners are encouraged to provide feedback on the system, including suggestions for improvements and objective remarks. You may also look for system vulnerabilities and AMS flaws. The final two elements are not prioritized by the firm, although they can be considered.

What is BiXBiT Bug-bounty campaign?

BiXBiT is a unique concept that combines the traditional Bug Bounty scheme with the Giveaway referral program. As a result, the recommendation system served as an added incentive for new people to join the project.

The firm invites you to enter the main prize drawing as part of the Seasonal Bug Bounty programme. Seasonal designs are important since a fresh version of the product is given each season.

To get the most points, you must post a review, upload a video, complete extra reviews on social media, or invite new participants. The organization gives a table that displays how many points you may get for performing a specific action. When assessing a review, consideration is given to its usefulness and informativeness.

How to participate in a bounty program?

  1. Registration. To begin, you must register on the BiXBiT bounty page. After entering all of the required information for the Bounty, you may begin testing.
  2. Start testing. To begin testing, log in on your AMC’s account on the BiXBiT website and download the software to his device. The firmware can save you up to 20% of overall energy consumption while also lowering your costs. After you’ve tested the system, you may offer feedback on the website. As an added incentive, the firm will give the person who provides the most thorough and relevant comments.
  1. Invite referrals. In addition, when testing the system, all users are immediately enrolled in the referral program. Everyone is given a referral code to use when inviting new members. A review, a video, more reviews, and invited users all earn points.

BiXBiT solutions

It should be mentioned that BiXBiT has extensive expertise developing and implementing unique immersion cooling technologies. When performing bitcoin mining activities, the company’s proposals are critical. 

BiXBiT immersion cooling systems 

Miners have been pleasantly delighted by BiXBiT’s high-quality submersible cooling systems on several occasions. This included racks, cells, and containers for full-fledged mining. Miners also had access to cutting-edge firmware that optimizes settings and boosts hashrate capabilities.

Key benefits of immersion cooling systems.

Immersion cooling has the advantage of using a non-conductive liquid for more effective heat dissipation. The advantage of this design is that there are no fine particle emissions in the form of dust, which assists in equipment protection. This reduces noise while simultaneously lowering energy costs by up to 30%.

Unlike other vendors, BiXBiT immersion cooling systems work with air-cooled ASICs. This allows you to significantly reduce equipment costs while maintaining cooling efficiency.

BiXBiT bringing innovation to cryptomining?

BiXBiT has been developing improvements for cryptocurrency mining over the past five years.

The firm provides miners with equipment that is both safe and efficient. At the same time, the original design’s features are carefully considered, and maximum mining performance is achieved.


BiXBiT provides innovative mining solutions. BiXBiT’s revolutionary cooling technologies enable you to make better use of space, improving the value of the hashrate. Regardless of the size of the firm, the supplied equipment can activate business operations.

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