ICmotion Glasses, a Scientifically-backed Ultimate Solution to Motion Sickness, launched

ICmotion Glasses is a Sheridan-based brand that introduced motion glasses for people suffering from motion sickness during traveling.

People who have motion sickness when flying might benefit from using ICmotion Glasses, a novel invention. By simulating a stable horizon for the eyes, the ICmotion glasses prevent passengers from getting motion sick and dizzy. Motion sickness symptoms can be eased by resolving the conflict between the inner ear and the eyes. 

These glasses are very lightweight and easy to use while traveling by boat, car, or plane. One out of every three people is suffering from the same issue, i.e., 33% of the population struggles with traveling because of motion sickness. The problem becomes severe on cruise ships, where up to 60% of passengers experience motion sickness. While using ICmotion glasses, the discomfort disappears in about 10 to 15 minutes. These glasses are portable, durable, and very easy to use.

ICmotion glasses are made with high-quality material. They are pretty compact and portable so they can be taken anywhere. The durability of the product makes it long-lasting. Moreover, they are effortless to maintain and clean. One set of ICmotion glasses may suit everyone in the family and even other dizzy passengers thanks to the glasses’ futuristic and adaptable design. People with certain medical conditions, such as eye problems, and Children under a certain age may not be able to wear the glasses efficiently. However, The prevention rate of motion sickness is as high as 95%.

The CEO of ICmotion claims, “These glasses will transform the way people travel and will be a game changer for everyone suffering from motion sickness.” The innovative solution has been liked by more than 1000 happy customers so far. They are a great alternative to traditional motion sickness remedies, allowing users to avoid using types of medications that frequently have negative health repercussions. The extensive research conducted by the experts and the clients’ surveys explicitly shows that ICmotion glasses considerably decreased the symptoms of motion sickness in most cases.

Soon, ICmotion plans to collaborate with healthcare specialists and travel industry experts to raise awareness about motion sickness and its treatments. The company has consistently invested in R&D to enhance its product, and it plans to increase the number of distribution channels it uses in the future to expand global accessibility. Moreover, the feedback of the people will help the organization make necessary improvements to the product.

The ICmotion glasses are available at https://icmotionglasses.com.

About Company:

ICmotion started as a patented technology developed by a team of experts in motion sickness in early 2020. The brand gained popularity among travelers, commuters, and people in the maritime or aviation industry. The brand was officially launched in the market in 2022, and since then, it has provided a revolutionary solution for motion sickness.

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