Montegra Capital Resources: Helping Colorado Borrowers with Hard Money Lending

As a leading lender with over 50 years of experience, Montegra Capital Resources has established itself as a reliable and credible private capital lender company in Denver, Colorado.

Montegra, founded in 1971 and has funded over $600,000.000.00 in Colorado hard money loans, takes pride in being a dependable and trusted private capital funding leader, assisting Colorado investors in financing their real estate for commercial and residential investments.

According to research, a “hard money loan” is backed by a “hard” asset, such as real estate, and is relatively difficult to obtain. In this case, the collateral is the property. Asset-based loans, bridge loans, and short-term asset-backed bridge loans are other terms for hard money loans. Traditional financial institutions do not provide hard money loans; instead, private capital lenders such as Montegra provide these types of loans.

“We provide funding for first mortgage-secured real estate loans to borrowers who do not meet bank underwriting criteria. Montegra invests in commercial and residential investment property loans ranging from $250,000 to $4,000,000,” says a representative of Montegra.

The goal of Montegra Capital Resources is to establish a mutually beneficial working relationship with banks, commercial real estate brokers, and commercial developers in which they can serve as a referral source for real estate loans that traditional banks are unable to make, as well as to assist banks in getting rid of loans that they no longer wish to have on their books by refinancing out those borrowers. According to Montegra, their interest rates and loan fees are at the low end of the spectrum for private money lending.

As a leading lender in the private hard money industry, Montegra strives to offer the most competitive hard money loan rates and is always willing to tailor their bridge loan programs to its client’s specific needs.        

“With over 50 years of experience, we have a proven track record for building strong relationships with Colorado borrowers; we offer immediate decisions and rapid closings as quickly as seven days. Banks cannot match our efficiency and speed due to layers of bureaucracy,” added Montegra’s representative.

Montegra is the state’s leading direct hard money lender. They have established a reputation in Colorado and the Rocky Mountain Region as a reliable source of hard money and bridge loans. Their extensive lending experience has led to the development of a lending philosophy founded on five core values:

–  Speed
–  Flexibility
–  Fair Pricing
–  Minimal Red Tape
–  and No Surprises

Client Reviews

Montegra’s clients rave about the prompt, professional, and reasonably priced services they receive. They are highly regarded.

“Montegra Capital was extremely helpful in funding our recent real estate purchase. I would have missed out on the deal of a lifetime if it hadn’t been for their ingenuity and ability to close the deal. It’s been a real pleasure working with this group!”

“Montegra Capital is an ethical, hard money lender, which is a rare (and often non-sequitur) in the industry. Not only do Robert Amter and his team always deliver on their promises and do so on time, but their fees and terms are a very reasonable reflection of the risk they face. I can’t say enough about how impressed I am with their integrity, professionalism, and process. My experience has been outstanding.”

For more information about hard money loans, bridge loans, or Colorado’s Private Money Lending, visit Montegra’s website below.

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