Top 10 World’s TEDx Chart for Most Watched TEDx Talks Released in January 2022

Manhattan, NYC – The TEDx community is thrilled to announce the release of the Top 10 World’s TEDx Chart for Most Watched TEDx Talks Released in January 2022. Only talks that have been published within the month and are most-watched in that month on YouTube have been included in this chart.

A new chart has been released, highlighting the top 10 most-watched TEDx talks on YouTube that were published in January 2022. The chart was compiled by Public Speaking Coach and Digital Nerd, Bilyana Georgieva, based on the number of video views on the YouTube TEDx channel.

The top 10 talks include:

1st Place

Praising yourself by doing good to Mother Earth and Nature by Kunio Hara at TEDxKharghar


What I’ve learned from reading over 10,000 diaries by Sally MacNamara Ivey at TEDxVienna


Medycyna oparta na celebrytach by Róża Hajkuś at TEDxKoszalin


The Unexpected Family by Vanika Sangtani at TEDxLBSIM


How to excel in the Creative Industry, via 15 Monty Python memes by Prateek Sethi at TEDxIIITBangalore


How I faked being a billionaire so you could see NYC’s best views by Andi Schmied at TEDxVienna


Don’t educate your parents by Nina Zvereva at TEDxKarpovka


How I Found My Way in the Dark by Alexandre Grant at TEDxMcGill


Stories in a Women’s World by Laura Owens at TEDxMercerIslandHS Women


Forse noi e I serial killer siamo più simili di quanto pensiamo by Elisa De Marco at TEDxBarletta Salon

The chart was created by comparing data from three independent researchers who went through all YouTube TEDx talks uploaded between January 1st and January 31st, 2022. The statistics were then compared on February 1st, 2022, and the top 10 most-watched videos were recorded.

“This chart is a ‘snapshot’ of the video performance on February 1st, 2022,” said Georgieva. “I hope it serves as inspiration for those who are aspiring to become TEDx speakers and to showcase the amazing talent and ideas that are being shared on the TEDx platform.”

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