Bilal Ali Ali, one of the most talented celebrity hairstylists in Lebanon

Bilal Ali Ali, one of the most talented celebrity hairstylists in Lebanon
Bilal Ali Ali, one of the most talented celebrity hairstylists in Lebanon
Looking for some hair inspiration? One of our favorite places to look for inspiration is on celebrity hairstylists’ Instagram accounts. These stylists are not only the best in the business but have mastered the art of Instagram and created a famous portfolio. Bilal Ali Ali is one of those stylists who is really rocking and driving the market forward.

Following the top hair stylists is a brilliant way to keep your hair inspiration fresh and on trend. Whether you own a salon or just adore up-to-date hairstyles, keeping an eye on famous hairstylists can make all the difference to your look and your career. After all, it can take just one signature style to change the face of beauty as we know it!

While your source of inspiration really matters, with so many famous hair stylists around, it can be hard to know who to follow. When narrowing the list to the top Lebanese hairstylists, Bilal Ali Ali’s name is spontaneously mentioned. With over 18 years of experience in the domain, Bilal is ranked as one of the top Lebanese hairstylists selected by most celebrities.

Having worked with some of the biggest celebrities such as Mahmoud Naser, Carlos Azar, Abd Ulmunem Amayri, Mohamad Akil, Wissam Sabbagh, Cheb Khaled, Fady Kataya, Ayman Zaydan, Moatasem Alnahar and many more, Bilal Ali Ali has an impressive portfolio.

Bilal was once asked about the huge responsibility that comes with being known as a celebrity hairstylist, and he said, “Being a hairstylist to the stars is much more than working with regular clients.” Everyone takes notice if a star has changed their hair whenever they appear. A talented hairstylist has to know how to work with a celebrity’s individual style and tailor their cut and color to their signature look. Actually, it is a huge responsibility because I am responsible for the stars’ final look, which will be captured by camera lenses. I consider my haircut for a celebrity is also going to be part of his fame. My success is always revealed in their final look in every event, clip, movie, or series.”

In brief, Bilal Ali Ali a must-follow hairstylist who is really driving the marker forward. Visit Bilal’s Instagram account, “bilal.alali”, and you will be fascinated with his outstanding and talented work, which is presented on Lebanese and Arab stars and celebrities.

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