LiveLead Technology Collects Verified Leads Through Social Opt-In

Feb 3, 2023 – Businesses need new leads to grow, and LiveLead technology offers a new way to obtain them. With social opt-in, LiveLead collects verified names, emails, and addresses from visitors on your website. Currently, business owners can try the software for free. Business owners spend thousands of dollars every year on Facebook ads, social media platforms and advertising agencies in an effort to increase visibility and exposure. It’s a slow process and typically produces minimal results. Website visitors don’t have the time or inclination to enter their information, even if they’re interested in a product or service. LiveLead changes the dynamic, collecting names, emails and addresses automatically, without disturbing or annoying visitors.

Fully cloud-based, the software utilizes built-in state-of-the-art intelligence technology. There’s no complicated software or tools to install. It only generates leads that are 100 percent real and verified. LiveLead collects information from sources encompassing Amazon, Apple, Facebook, Google, LinkedIn and Twitter.

It only requires two steps to generate verified leads. The software is user friendly and requires no special expertise or coding knowledge to operate. It begins to work in just minutes and provides an ideal solution for point-and-click users.

LiveLead converts even casual users into a genuine lead. It enables owners of any enterprise to add their social opt-in to landing pages, websites and blogs, along with YouTube descriptions, profile links and even offline billboards. LiveLead works for users of desktop and mobile devices.

The LiveLead software is the new, easy and innovative way to obtain actionable leads. There’s no need to annoy website visitors by asking for their information. LiveLead collects the data automatically with permission via social opt-in, enabling business owners in any industry to grow their enterprise.

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