Stuck in a Rut… Prajesh Chhanabhai’s Life Coaching Style Employs Visual Reinforcement to Help Reset the Mind

Prajesh Chhanabhai has a unique approach to life coaching—teaching through visuals. He helps clients visualise that needed change while developing habits that build the right mindset for a better life. His advice to those finding themselves at a crossroads in life—mindset matters.

Many people want a change in life but often they don’t get past the first step as the looming shadow of procrastination hovers over them. For the countless people who have successfully made stunning transitions to a more vibrant, dynamic, and purposeful life, they attribute it to life coaching

For one life coach, the power of coaching is not lost on him—Prajesh Chhanabhai is an NLP Practitioner, mindset coach whose main aim is to build on the latent power of an individual’s mindset and unleash the will and drive to make that change. He sees it as his life’s purpose to help others make the transition to a better life. 

Known to many as a Crossroad Coach, Prajesh has experienced that change first-hand and is well aware of the profound impact a coach can have on an individual’s life. Changing the life of a single person in a manner that sees positive growth has a ripple effect on countless others within the sphere of that person’s influence. Hence, changing one person’s life will impact the lives of many other people who will never come into contact with a life coach—and that is the power of using a coach to influence a change in mindset.

Prajesh uses the tagline, ‘Mindset Matters’, for good reason. It is the crux of all the conversations and work that he does with clients. Once his clients can understand where and how their mind is placed, they can start to make the change. It is this awareness that precedes any change and helps an individual prioritise what is most important and work on these areas in manageable bites resulting in a changing life.

The modern lifestyle which rests upon abundance tends to overwhelm people emotionally leading to distraction that will scatter one’s effort and concentration. There isn’t enough time to do everything, but there is always enough time for the most important things in your life. 

Success at anything in life, whether one’s finances, relationships, or body, requires an investment in time and effort. One needs to focus and concentrate both physical and emotional resources on creating the desired result. Hence, having an effective strategy to effectively push past short-term obstacles to create a life of fulfillment. 

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One of the most destructive forces an individual has to deal with is the impact of procrastination. Procrastination has the power of making making one feel out of control. Feeling out of control compromises an individual’s power to shape and direct his or her own life. While it is true that there are many things over which one has no control, ‘you always have full control over what really happens to you’—it is a mental process independent of the circumstances and events of the outside world. 

Prajesh’s visual approach helps clients understand that procrastination is not an external force, but an internal response and evaluation. Every decision is up to that individual, and the belief that one is unable to do anything about it is why some people feel out of control. Prajesh uses vivid imagery and thought-provoking aphorisms on Instagram to drive his lessons home. 

Working remotely means he is able to access clients from around the world, which is a game-changer for anyone wanting to make a change in their lives. With 17 years of working in the tertiary education sector, Prajesh has been exposed to a diverse range of ideologies, thoughts, beliefs, and language patterns that have honed his communication skills. His clients are not just heard but listened to in a manner that motivates them. Working from a viewpoint of a growth mindset is where this versatile life coach starts all his conversations.

About Prajesh Chhanabhai: 

Prajesh was raised in Zimbabwe, and now resides in New Zealand. He loves learning about different ways of thinking by meeting people from all walks of life, which has led him to explore the power of the mind and the impact of language on behaviour and thought patterns. Prajesh works with people that are stuck at a crossroad in their life and are seeking the next level in their life, from students to CEOs. 

Being a certified life coach he has coached people to move from employees to employers, from couch potatoes to athletes,from being stuck in a rut to being ultra-productive. His philosophy is based on “awareness precedes change”, this is the foundation of all his coaching. Irrespective of the context, he works to help his clients move the needle forward in the area of life that is holding them back. He works on the premise that he is the expert of the coaching process and the client is the expert in their lived experience, this allows for powerful and long-lasting change.His company Phambili Coaching epitomises that, with the name Phambili meaning “move forward” in Zulu. Let him help you move forward in your life!

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