Designer Jewelry Brand Hiamond Encourages Women To Buy Beautiful Pieces As A Gift To Themselves

A stunning new jewelry brand, Hiamond, provides designer pieces made with lab-grown diamonds. Their goal is to encourage women to celebrate themselves and their independence and beauty by purchasing pieces for themselves.

Wearing and receiving luxury jewelry pieces can boost one’s confidence and help one feel beautiful. It’s a great way to show appreciation to someone and how much they matter. For many women, it’s the ultimate sign of love and devotion from their significant other. With how much this gift means, one designer jewelry brand is working to change women’s perspective on it. Hiamond wants women to view this as the ultimate act of self-love as women celebrate and reward themselves just for being who they are. 

Hiamond says, “hi, world” 

Everything about the new jewelry brand, Hiamond, is carefully thought out and executed, beginning with their name. Hiamond comes from the French word “mond” for the world, making the name mean “hi world” as the brand introduces itself.  

Now that Hiamond has properly introduced itself, one can begin browsing the affordable selection of luxury jewelry pieces. Each piece is carefully made and crafted with the highest quality lab-grown diamonds. These diamonds start the journey towards diamond freedom.  

The next step of the journey is at the heart of who Hiamond is, or rather who they want to uplift and represent. Having and wearing diamond jewelry makes women truly feel their own beauty and the beauty of the world around them. Much of the time, the first piece of diamond jewelry a woman owns is an engagement ring from her fiancé. Hiamond wants to change this for women everywhere.  

The affordable jewelry pieces at Hiamond help encourage women to take the time and money to invest in themselves. With a goal to provide pieces as beautiful as the women who purchase them, Hiamond wants to empower women to buy their own diamonds and feel the joy that they can bring to themselves. 


Every piece Hiamond designs and sells is a work of art on its own as this new brand strives to make products that truly show their clients how much they’re loved and appreciated.  

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