Renowned magazine themed around inspiration and life empowerment re-launches in Texas

Dallas and Fort Worth – February 3, 2023 – A renowned magazine centered around inspiring individuals and empowering its readers has officially re-launched to the public. 

Inspired by the stories of people who are living again and helping others to do the same, You Can Live Again magazine is officially set to re-launch in early February 2023, and will be sold at local, major store outlets. 

Founder Kertrina Dauway first launched the magazine in 2007, when it became a huge success – featuring inspirational and incredible stories from featured celebrities such as Sherri Shepherd, Niecy Nash, Victoria Osteen, and many more. 

Now, the magazine is about to re-launch to the public, and is expected to be bigger and better than ever, following its short and initial pause on publication back in [insert date]. The returning publication is expected to feature individuals such as cover story’s reality star Lee Anne Locken of Real Housewives of Dallas and her story of resilience as well as former NFL player Isaiah Stanback.

Celebrating people who are “living again” in every way possible, magazine is also set to be tied in with their official You Can Live Again Expo in May 2023, and the You Can Live Again Awards Gala, which is due to take place in October.

Founder Kertrina says that she cannot wait until the launch of this new magazine, and it has been a huge project that herself and other writers have been working on together for many months now. 

“I am so delighted to be re-launching this fantastic magazine,” says Kertrina. 

 “It is time to start sharing the inspirational and empowering stories of others once again, as we once did – but this time, in a much bigger and more influential way. We will be celebrating those who have turned their trials into triumphs, in order to empower readers to thrive past their own individual conflicts.”

“Whether it’s encouraging people to be more results-orientated in their respective lifestyle and careers, learning to start over, or beginning to believe in themselves, the magazine is written for all those who perhaps need that additional inspiration, or a helping hand. So many of us have experienced loss in some way or another, and its important that no one ever feels alone in their struggles. If you’re reading this, just know – it’s officially your time to turn any losses into your own gain.”

Growing up, founder Kertrina says she struggled with her own self-esteem, and spent the majority of her young adult life wondering why people did not see her potential. Then, after many years spent watering herself down for others, helping clients and building relationships with those around her both professionally and personally, she realized she needed to start believing in her own potential.

“I had spent so many years helping others reach their own potential, that I had forgotten to fill up my own cup,” says Kertrina. 

“It was then, that I had a meeting of the mind one day, and chose to change the narrative. I decided to define who I am. I chose to believe in my God given talents. I was determined to not just ‘get by’, but to live, and thrive in my own talents and gifts. It was only then that I soon became a singer, a successful business development consultant, and finally, I launched the You Can Live Again movement.”

The US-based organization, with its headquarters in Dallas, Texas, soon took its readers and followers by storm – with the launch of the magazine, the Expo, and Awards Gala which celebrates people who have used their life experiences and skills to help others truly live. 

Today, the movement is led by a group of fantastic people who empower men and women who have experienced struggle to once again find their new place and true purpose in life. Together, they have changed so many lives, and the new and developed magazine is set to debut and hit the shelves in early February, with aims to help readers rediscover themselves. 

“Our enthusiasm is contagious,” says Kertrina, “and we hope you’ll love the new magazine, as much as we have enjoyed creating it.”

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