Introducing The Most Innovative Lead Generation Service In Home Improvement: Guaranteed Quotes

Guaranteed Quotes is revolutionizing the home improvement space with its “pay-per-close” lead generation service. Founded by Kenneth Coleman and his two partners, Guaranteed Quotes has been created to offer a fairer, more reliable and transparent system for contractors and homeowners alike.

They saw many contractors fall victim to lead-generation companies that don’t have their best interests in mind, and wanted to create something different. That’s why they developed the first “pay-per-close” lead generation service specifically for the home improvement space.

Guaranteed Quotes provides homeowners with accurate and instant quotes 24/7 by utilizing a proprietary quoting tool custom-built for each client. This allows contractors to get higher close rates as the lead already knows the price before reaching out. This eliminates the need for expensive back and forth negotiations which can often cost time and money.

What sets Guaranteed Quotes apart from other lead generation companies is their commitment to innovation and providing the best possible experience for both customers and contractors alike.

The founders have many years of experience in online marketing working with home service & improvement companies, so they understand what both parties need from a lead generation platform. And because their quoting engine processes inquiries in real time, contractors are able to quickly reach out to customers with their quotes – usually resulting in successful deals without any hassle.

As the first “pay-per-close” lead generation service in the home improvement space, Guaranteed Quotes is changing how contractors connect with potential clients — leading to faster sales’ closing times and happier customers all around. With their innovative system, fast results, ethical pricing model and experienced team of professionals behind them — Guaranteed Quotes continues to be an industry leader in delivering accurate quotes instantly!

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