The Team at Iron Monkey Strength is helping people transform their bodies with tailored fitness programs

The certified coaches and personal trainers at Iron Monkey Strength help people get stronger, healthier, and happier through their customized fitness programs.

Helping with Consistency 

When embarking on a fitness journey, most people struggle with staying motivated or consistent and give up mid-way. Speaking to one of the coaches at Iron Monkey Strength, he stated: “Most clients that approach us usually complain that they struggle to stay on track during their fitness journey. We understand how difficult it can be to stay focused and consistent while working on your body goals. Especially because it can take some time before results start to show, and people give up before that happens. We at Iron Monkey Strength help people stay motivated and consistent with their physical fitness. We provide them a supportive community of like-minded individuals and their personal coach to help them throughout the journey.” 

Wellness Journey with A Certified Personal Trainer

Iron Monkey Strength offers a unique approach to training clients. Empowering individuals to lift heavy is at the forefront of what they do. Their training sessions kick off with an extensive 12-week program called “The Rite Of Passage” consisting of 24 personalized training sessions. During these beginner practice sessions, clients are trained in the basics of kettlebell and barbell strength training with emphasis on using the correct form and increasing flexibility as well as mobility. 

After graduating from the “Rite of Passage” sessions, clients move on to supervised training sessions that are carried out in a well-equipped gym during reserved time-slots. Each time-slot consists of only 3-4 people at a time under the guidance of their personal trainer. A small group ensures that each client gets the trainer’s undivided attention. 

Iron Monkey Strength Offers Free Intro Sessions 

To accommodate the needs and desires of people when it comes to their fitness journey, Iron Monkey Strength offers free introductory sessions to clients. Clients can chat with their chosen trainers to align their fitness goals before they embark on their journey toward health and wellness. 

Their membership plans start from only $125 per two weeks, within which clients get tailored fitness programs completely customized to their fitness goals. 


A team of highly experienced and professionally certified personal trainers at Iron Monkey Strength helps people achieve their fitness goals by providing customized coaching plans. Their plans allow clients to interact with a personal trainer that can help them stay accountable during their fitness journey. The trainers help motivate clients and coach them to gain strength through weight training and other fitness exercises. The team at Iron Monkey Strength believes that with the correct guidance and an uplifting community, people can transform their minds and body for the better. 

For more information or queries regarding their programs, Iron Monkey Strength can be contacted via the information provided below. 

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