KidsCasting Empowering Children to Achieve Their Dreams

How KidsCasting is Revolutionizing the Entertainment Industry

A nine-year-old Kaylee from El Dorado, Arkansas, was just a regular schoolgirl, but now she’s a short-film actress and a model for the Nike kids campaign. It’s all thanks to KidsCasting – the ultimate matchmaker for the entertainment industry, connecting the right talents with the right casting directors and filmmakers, making dreams come true.

KidsCasting is changing the game for child models, actors, and singers by providing them with a platform to find their next role. Akin to a job-hunting website, KidsCasting connects children with modeling, singing, and acting opportunities tailored to their skillset and interest. The platform is intuitive and fitted with features that make it easy to create portfolios and manage bookings. It gives children who wish to enter the entertainment industry a chance to explore new opportunities and grow their talents.

Back in 2022, nearly 800,000 joined the platform and have been offered a wide range of gigs ranging from walking on a runway for the New York Fashion Week Kids Show, commercial acting in Zara commercials or starring in Disney films. What makes KidsCasting unique is that it empowers parents to build a foundation for their children’s future careers. Even if the child only pursues modeling and acting as a hobby, the experiences, skills, and connections they’ve had will serve them well even in the future.

“The platform allows kids to realize their dreams and open doors to endless opportunities. Through KidsCasting, parents can connect directly with top industry professionals, allowing their children to work with some of the most talented, and influential players in the industry,” says Igor Reiant, the founder of KidsCasting.

The casting calls are varied and cover everything from musical shows, voiceovers, airline commercials to lifestyle photoshoots, fashion shows, and pageant calls. There are even casting calls for the whole family. These are all great opportunities for parents and children to bond and build stronger relationships with each other.

“Since September 2022, Kaylee worked as a model for Nike, been a featured model for Fashion Republic Magazine and My Matilda Magazine, been a child actor for the movie Endure, and two more feature films are scheduled to film at the beginning of 2023. Thanks for the wonderful opportunities. Our daughter is on her way to stardom”, Kaylees mom comments.
“Historically, the entertainment industry hasn’t been about what you know or what you can. It’s been more about who you know. Our job in this industry is to change that mentality. And my personal belief is that it’s simply about being in the right place at the right time. Our platform gives anybody in any location, whether in the middle of Idaho or the heart of New York City or Los Angeles, the same opportunity,” says the founder of the platform.

KidsCasting provides the tools, connections, knowledge, and support to help children get discovered and become confident, successful actors or models.

Moreover, KidsCasting is committed to educating users about the importance of safe online practices. It equips parents with the tools and resources to make informed decisions about casting calls and entering into a contract. The platform provides information on child labor laws in each state, so they can understand the legal implications of participating in the different projects and activities on the website.

Beyond offering incredible casting opportunities, KidsCasting provides a safe environment for networking. It is a supportive community filled with inspiring stories of people pursuing their dreams and forging rewarding careers in the entertainment industry.

KidsCasting platform allows parents to learn more about the industry, attend educational webinars and find other valuable resources that can guide their children toward a successful future in the entertainment industry.

New casting calls from all over the US and Canada are posted daily, so users get the latest casting calls available.

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