Shaun Paul McGrath is a tour-de-force in the film and television industry, an unforgettable master of his craft and a true artist of the highest calibre.

Shaun Paul McGrath is a tour-de-force in the film and television industry, an unforgettable master of his craft and a true artist of the highest calibre.
Shaun Paul McGrath is an accomplished and highly acclaimed Irish actor who has made a significant impact in the film and television industry. Born and raised in the border town of Strabane, Co Tyrone, Northern Ireland, Shaun began his career as a comedy stage hypnotist, earning the title of Ireland’s youngest stage hypnotist. However, his love for acting eventually led him to pursue screen acting as a career.

After spending several years as a drama school teacher, Shaun returned to our screen, playing the role of Benjamin Benner in the psychological drama “The Widows Moon.” The film, written and directed by award-winning German filmmaker Werner Schumann. To be released 2023 by Longlands Entertainment & Global Genesis Group in the USA.

Shaun’s performance in the film was highly praised, with Schumann stating Shaun’s performance as, “Beautiful, talented, seductive! When I see his work I want to make twenty films with him.” The actor’s portrayal of Benjamin Benner was seen as a perfect role for Shaun, and it showcased his unique subtle nuances, which he plays so expertly.

One of Shaun’s most noteworthy performances came from his portrayal of Martin in Andrew Greener’s political award-winning Turner Classic film “Endgame.” The film, which dealt with the troubles in Northern Ireland, was voted runner-up by a panel of judges that included Gurinder Chadha, Kate Winslet, Alan Rickman, Julian Fellowes, and Dame Helen Mirren. The film also won the first place (Critics award) at the Chicago International Film Festival, where Julian Fellowes, Oscar-winning screenwriter, declared it as a “clear head-and-shoulders winner, well-acted, my attention never strayed” 

Shaun’s talent and versatility as an actor have been widely recognized by critics and industry professionals. Film critic Wendy Ide of The Times, London, said of his performance in Endgame, “Powerful and unsettling stuff”. Katherine L Collins comments, “Shaun’s is irrefutably magnetic and intensely enigmatic, his allure is so mesmerizing that you simply cannot take your eyes off him when he is on screen”. Risa Bramon Garcia, a casting director from LA, described him as “clearly talented,” K Collins, a Writer/Director from BFI, furthered the point saying, “Running the full gamut between quiet intensity and thunderous power, Shaun Paul McGrath is an actor of stunning versatility and range.”

Shaun has also played alongside notable actors such as Warren Clarke and Anthony Head in the BBC’s drama series “The Invisibles.” He is currently in discussions regarding upcoming projects and is attached to a number of productions nationally and internationally. Notably, Shaun was cast alongside renowned British actor, Philip Glenister as the lead antagonist, Archie MacDonald by Emmy award-winning team Reshef Levi & Tomer Shani’s for their new flagship TV series, Carthago; For worldwide release in 2023; Director Tomer Shani refers to Shaun’s performance, “Archie MacDonald is one of the best performances shown on screen.”

There is no doubt that Shaun Paul McGrath, is a highly skilled and impactful actor who makes a significant contribution to any film and television role he is cast in. His performances are memorable and much-admired, and he continues to be in high demand. With his undeniable Irish tones and talent, his magnetic screen presence and versatility, Shaun is poised to become one of the industry’s leading actors. Shaun Paul McGrath is a rare talent, an actor of undeniable skill and will certainly continue to impact the film & TV industry with his underplayed dulcet naturalistic style.

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