Bragona Announces Major Security Updates for Its Server

Bragona Technologies, a software development company, announced updates for Bragona Scalabby Server – its server software.

Most of Bragona’s customers are already benefiting from the advantages of Bragona Server, instant scalability, and quicker time to value. To move faster and sharpen its focus as a cloud-first company, Bragona Technologies will make its product even better.

The recent updates will dramatically improve system security, reliability, and serviceability.

These software updates demonstrate Bragona’s commitment to continuous innovation on a proven industry product. 

“As with most software, Bragona Technologies recognized that there were a few areas in which new features and security updates would benefit our end users,” said Balakrishnan Sankaran Nair Padmanabhan, CEO of Bragona Technologies. “The new capabilities allow administrators to restrict web services to the websites and applications that are authorized for use.” 

Key Software Optimizations

Updates to Bragona Scalabby Server include:

       • Improved security tools for hybrid cloud environments, including transparent memory encryption.

       • AI-powered algorithm for improved search of media files

       • Improved automation – designed for the DevOps model can be configured and scaled. It integrates into an organization’s approved configurations and networks.

About Bragona Server

Bragona Server is a web-accessible desktop platform that is focused on accessibility and security by allowing users to access applications in an isolated environment every time they connect to the web. The users can install Bragona Server on-premise, private cloud, or allow hosting it on Bragona’s SaaS Solution. This multi-functional and fully customizable platform protects users by isolating their personal computers from web threats, phishing, malware, and ransomware. There is a robust algorithm in its core to profile, index, and optimize all data sources automatically.

About the Company

Bragona Technologies is a tech company focusing on development, design, marketing, and analytics. The company’s experts are united by the shared passion for a data-driven approach and aim to deliver the best possible results from any data. 

A team of engineers with backgrounds in government and private sectors founded Bragona Technologies. Our profound expertise in cybersecurity at all layers gives us an edge in protecting networks from today’s advanced persistent threats.

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