Amelia Tu Makes History as the First Chinese Canadian Miss Universe Top Finalist

Amelia Tu Makes History as the first Chinese Canadian Miss Universe Top Finalist. During the 2022 Miss Universe Canada, Amelia Tu made history by winning the Miss Universe Canada title for the first time as a Chinese Canadian in May 2022. She went on to represent Canada at the Miss Universe in New Orleans on Jan 14th, 2023 where she placed as one of the top 16 finalists out of 84 entrants and ranked 7th. This achievement marked the first time in 71 years that a Chinese Canadian has received this honor.

Amelia Tu, a dedicated scholar pursuing a double major in Business and Biology at UC Berkeley, one of the top universities in the world. Has gone on to serve as a role model by establishing her own cosmetics and sustainable fashion line. Amelia was also invited to serve as a judge for the 34th Miss Asia International Pageant which took place in December 2022. As a Miss Universe winner and a successful entrepreneur, Amelia’s presence and message serves as an inspiration to the contestants. Amelia encourages women worldwide to bravely pursue their dreams, fully realize their self-worth, and lead fulfilling lives. The wisdom and experience she shared of her journey in becoming Miss Universe boosted the spirit of the contestants and received applause from spectators globally.

The 2022 Miss Asia International Pageant was co-organized by the American International Chamber of Commerce (AICC), M3 Modeling Media Academy, the sports fashion and light luxury brand KEPPI, and the live streaming platform Uplive under Asia Innovation Group. The pageant showcased an array of talent, beauty, fashion, and Asian charm on a stunning stage, showing love for life, a vision for the future, and a commitment to humanistic values.

Uplive served as the exclusive online platform for auditions, live broadcasting, and voting for the 2022 Miss Asia international Pageant. The contest drew over 3,000 participants, who competed in preliminary rounds held on the Uplive platform. Sportswear and luxury brand KEPPI brought a youthful and fashionable vitality to the competition, inspiring people to embrace life and be the most stylish version of themselves. M3 Modeling Media Academy offered comprehensive training to contestants, covering areas such as body posture, stage performance, helping them improve their skills, increase self-confidence, broaden their knowledge, and build a solid foundation for future growth. With Amelia serving as judge, the pageant aims to empower women through the power of role models, to move forward without fear, and to make dreams come true.

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