5 Cloud-Based Tech Companies that are Making Noise: Exberry, Amperity, Crusoe, Tetrate, Aporia

The cloud has become the backbone of modern technology, enabling companies of all sizes to access powerful computing resources and store vast amounts of data in a secure and scalable manner. As a result, cloud-based tech startups have emerged as key players in the tech industry, tapping into the growing demand for cloud services.

According to Gartner, the shift to the cloud is expected to result in more than $1.3 trillion in enterprise IT spending, which is expected to expand to $1.8 trillion by 2025. This growth has created a massive market opportunity for cloud-based tech startups, which are capitalizing on this trend to bring new and innovative solutions to the market.

Cloud-based startups offer a range of services, from cloud storage and computing to software as a service (SaaS) and platform as a service (PaaS). These companies can leverage the scale and efficiency of the cloud to offer their solutions at a fraction of the cost of traditional enterprise IT solutions.

One of the key advantages of cloud-based tech startups is their ability to introduce new markets. They can leverage the agility and innovation that is inherent in the startup culture to bring new and innovative solutions to the market that traditional enterprise IT providers are unable to match. This has allowed these startups to break into new markets and disrupt established industries, bringing new solutions to customers that were previously unavailable.

Here are five cloud-based tech startups that are generating buzz and making a significant impact in their respective fields:


Exberry offers unique assistance to exchange pioneers in launching, adapting, establishing, and growing their businesses through the cloud. They stand out from other tech providers by offering a combination of exchange and trading technology expertise, combining entrepreneurial flair with corporate stability. Their technology revolutionizes the determination of prices in alternative markets and is trusted by traditional, alternative, and digital asset exchanges.

Exberry is known for its independence and commitment to supporting its clients’ growth, utilizing its technology and software engineering background along with strategic business advice to offer exchange technology at an MTF and ATS level. They provide a tailor-made, full-scale exchange infrastructure, suited for any asset class or market opportunity, and can be used to improve the limitations of existing exchanges or serve as the foundation for trading new digital assets.


Amperity is both cloud native and cloud agnostic, assisting brands in managing their complex customer data so they can deliver personalized experiences that satisfy customers and drive business growth. The enterprise-grade tools offered by Amperity tackle all aspects of customer data challenges, from consolidating scattered data into a comprehensive customer profile to discovering and utilizing crucial customer intelligence.

Amperity places the customer at the center of the business strategy by aligning their agenda with customer needs and preferences. With accurate customer data utilized by teams across the organization, including Marketing, IT, and Analytics, Amperity boasts positive results as testified by a global network of clients.


Crusoe leads the way in developing a clean computing infrastructure that reduces the cost and environmental impact of the digital economy. By utilizing unused sources of energy to fuel cloud and data center services, they are creating a future of compute-intensive innovation that is environmentally friendly. Crusoe extracts value from stranded energy sources through computation and harnesses previously unused energy to operate cutting-edge computing systems.

The demand for computation, energy, and progress will continuously rise, and Crusoe is committed to providing energy in line with the Earth’s needs.


Tetrate offers application-aware networking for any workload in any environment, with a unified management plane to configure connectivity, security, and observability across the entire application network. Founded by the creators of Istio, It’s the only application connectivity platform that provides enterprises with a seamless and consistent way to connect and secure services across a mesh-managed environment.

Tetrate operates at the edge of applications, at the cluster ingress, and between workloads in both Kubernetes and traditional compute clusters. Edge and ingress gateways direct and balance application traffic across clusters and clouds, while the mesh manages connectivity between services.


Aporia is a full-service, customizable machine learning observability platform that operates in the cloud and empowers data science and machine learning teams to monitor, troubleshoot, and enhance their ML models and data.

Aporia offers businesses the ability to rapidly create their personalized monitoring solution, offering complete transparency into how their models perform in real-world situations. Data scientists can design customizable monitors to detect various issues such as biased predictions, alterations in input data format, or declining performance of a model over time.

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