Fumiko Takatsu And The Face Yoga Method Are Hosting A Face Yoga Challenge To Tone And Sculpt The Mouth And Cheek Area In Just 5 Days

From February 6th – February 10th, Fumiko Takatsu and her team of expert Face Yoga Coaches are hosting a 5-Day Big Bright Smile Challenge to sculpt cheeks and boost confidence. Hosted Live on Zoom, each day will include a follow-along Face Yoga class, Q&A, and accountability through a group.

From February 6th through the 10th, the innovative creator of Face Yoga is bringing a brand-new challenge to people everywhere who want to improve their health and show off a bigger and brighter smile. The 5-Day Big Bright Smile Challenge gives an excellent chance for experienced and new additions to the Face Yoga Method to impact their lives in just a few days significantly.  

What to expect with Face Yoga Method and the 5-day challenge 

Fumiko Takatsu created the Face Yoga Method to combat the signs of premature aging in her 30s. To Fumiko, it was a logical conclusion that if one exercises the muscles in their body to tone and define and ultimately improve health, it should work on the muscles of the face as well.  

She was right and saw incredible results that not only helped heal her face from her accident but worked better for anti-aging than any cosmetic product or invasive plastic surgery. She utilized this discovery to create Face Yoga Method so that she could share this with anyone who was finding themselves in a similar situation or wanted a more natural approach to anti-aging.  

Now Face Yoga Method will bring a tremendous new 5-day challenge that can get results in just that short time frame. Serving as a great introduction to this highly beneficial method, the 5-Day Big Bright Smile Challenge helps to begin a healthy habit that will bring benefits for years to come.  

In just five days, participants will release the stress and tension that have been creating unwanted and premature wrinkles in their mouth and cheek area. And they’ll discover how to install 100% natural practice of Face Yoga into their daily routine.

From taking years off their face to connecting with a much-needed self-care routine to embodying what it means to age gracefully and with bountiful confidence.

Throughout the challenge, participants connect for 40 minutes a day on Zoom as they’re guided through a special curriculum for sculpting their cheeks and creating their best smile. It’s going to be like having a personal trainer for their face. All for just an incredibly affordable price of $19.

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