Steam Turbine Rotation Speed Sensor CS-1: Pay Attention to Installation

Tips of installing steam turbine rotation speed sensor cs-1

The rotation speed sensor CS-1 is used to measure the turbine shaft rotating speed. It is generally used in steam turbine or various mechanical equipments.

The following points shall be noted when installing the rotation speed sensors CS-1:

1. Determine the connection mode of shaft speed and current signals between sensors according to the characteristics of the equipment. Since the current will also change when the shaft speed changes, the connection mode should make each connection mode have its advantages and make the whole system coordinated.

2. The measured data shall be processed. That is to use the signals transmitted by each rotation speed sensor to collate and compare the data to determine the measurement parameters and their relative positions (including the relative positions of the measured object, the measuring range and the measuring angle, etc.).

3. Pay attention to protect other sensors in the tested equipment. Because the failure of any sensor in the tested equipment will cause the speed monitoring to lose its proper indication function, thus making the measurement results inaccurate. Therefore, it is necessary to carefully check whether the sensor and its control system (including protective measures) are in good condition and other related problems.

4. Due to the large variation of shaft speed, pay attention to the attenuation of the measured signal. When the measured signal contains high-frequency components, pay attention to whether the signal contains low-frequency components. Otherwise, the instrument will not correctly reflect the change of the measured signal, resulting in instrument damage and output error. When the measured signal contains low-frequency components, the signal shall be processed in time to prevent interference or damage to the measuring system and cause large errors in the results.

5. When there is vibration and noise in the measuring system, check and record its value or corresponding position regularly; Otherwise, the monitors will be damaged or even unable to work normally.

6. In order to ensure the accuracy of the speed probe during installation, it is recommended to use two-axis positioning.

As the steam turbine is a high pressure and high speed rotating machinery, there is a special point to pay attention to when installing the speed sensor CS-1 — the installation position.

1. Since the steam turbine shaft speed changes greatly, the speed sensor should be installed as close as possible to the rotating shaft of the turbine unit.

2. In order to avoid the possibility of large vibration during rotation, the sensor bracket can also be considered for fixation.

3. If the deviation from the center position is too much, the rotating machinery will be unbalanced or the vibration of rotating parts caused by rotation will affect the measurement accuracy.

4. The speed sensor CS-1 shall not be installed in the place with corrosive medium.

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