New Discovery: Seniors Improve Memory Through Smell by 249%

New Discovery: Seniors Improve Memory Through Smell by 249%
Memory Air® device improves your ability to smell, which improves your memory

The discovery of improving memory by stimulating your sense of smell is from Dr. Michael Leon, Professor Emeritus of Neurobiology, the Institute of Memory Disorders at the University of California Irvine. Dr. Leon is ranked in the Top 2% of all Research Scientists in the World by a Stanford University study. Through 14 years of neuroscience research, he has discovered that stimulating your sense of smell (olfaction) is the quickest way to improve any memory loss.

So Dr. Leon invented Memory Air® – the world’s first device that improves your memory through smell. It just sits on your nightstand or table and emits pleasant odors while you sleep. Through this nightly olfactory stimulation, Memory Air® creates neuroplasticity – additional neurons (brain cells) – in your hippocampus, the memory center of your brain – and that improves your memory. Memory Air® uses 80 different olfactory stimulations per night. All odorants are hand-chosen by Dr. Leon to provide your nightly, brain-improving therapy.

There are no pills to take, no games to play, nothing to wear. It works while you sleep, work or watch TV. Nothing touches you.

Olfactory stimulation has now been clinically proven to improve memory in seniors by 249% according to a study conducted by Dr. Leon at the University of California Irvine (Leon, M. et. al., In preparation.) By contrast, exercise improves memory by about 10% and surgical deep brain stimulation improves it by 12%.

Olfactory stimulation is the only therapy also shown to improve memory in Alzheimer’s and dementia patients. Memory improved by 100-300% in these patients. Depression scores also improved by 325%. (H Cha, et. al. Effect of intensive olfactory training for cognitive function in patients with dementia, Geriatrics Gerontology Int. 2021;1–7.)

550 other clinical trials for drugs have now failed to show any actual improvements for memory, including the most recently FDA-approved ones. There are also no known side effects with olfactory stimulation such as brain bleeding and brain shrinkage so common with drugs.

The science behind Memory Air® is scientifically different from aromatherapy which uses a single odorant for a specific purpose. Only Memory Air® has been shown to improve memory to such a large effect.

After the age of 60, your memory starts to decline…but with nightly olfactory stimulation, the science of Memory Air® is shown to reverse the adverse effects that age has on your memory. This new scientific breakthrough has now changed the way everyone will treat memory loss and its prevention moving forward.

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