Motor Import Offers Global Used and New Car Export Service

Bringing Quality Vehicles from Dubai, Japan, and the United States to Europe

Are you in search of a new or used car, but tired of the limited options available in your local market? Motor Import, a global used and new car export company, offers a solution to bring exceptional quality vehicles to customers in Europe from Dubai, Japan, and the United States. With offices based in these locations, the company can import any type of vehicle, including homologated sports cars, classic cars, and more.

“Our goal is to simplify your search for your new or used car in Dubai, Miami, or Tokyo by helping you find the car of your choice with the best condition, in a few days,” said a spokesperson from Motor Import.

The larger fleet of new and used vehicles in Japan, Dubai, and the United States offers customers more options and the ability to order their desired vehicle with ease. Responding to a growing demand for more affordable vehicles compared to those available in France, Motor Import provides an efficient solution to finding the car of your dreams.

With the company’s help, customers can access a wider range of vehicles and have their choice delivered to them in a matter of days. Say goodbye to the frustration of limited options and embrace the world of possibilities with Motor Import.

Sammy Browns A happy client said: “Motor import brought my dream of owning a Nissan Silvia S15R to life. Their expertise in importing and homologation made the process seamless and I was elated to receive my vehicle, exactly to my desired specifications. I couldn’t be happier with the exceptional service I received from Motor import.”

Motor Import has a simple and straightforward process for importing vehicles from the United States, Dubai, and Japan to Europe. The process involves four steps: Contacting the company, searching for the desired vehicle, conducting a vehicle inspection, and completing the importation. With their location in Miami, the company has access to the entire United States, Dubai, and Tokyo markets, allowing them to search for the best vehicle to meet their customers’ needs. After the customer has chosen their vehicle, a detailed inspection will be conducted via VISIO to assess its overall condition. Finally, the necessary documents will be prepared for the vehicle’s registration in France, and the vehicle will be delivered directly to the customer’s home. Motor Import strives to make the process of importing a dream vehicle as easy and convenient as possible.

Motor Import is dedicated to providing customers with a seamless experience in their search for a new or used car. With a focus on quality and affordability, the company is the perfect choice for those in search of their dream vehicle. Visit for more information.

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