Diversions On The Road From Writing Book Two By Pascal Paul Piazza Enchants Readers With The Journey Of Diversions

The author unravels the map for a journey of diversions and inspiration.

Launched on the 4th of October 2018, Diversions on the Road from Writing Book Two by Pascal Paul Piazza is ranked as one of the best sellers on Amazon. Based on ancient, classical literature, and fiction, the book has gained credibility and positive feedback for its unique plot based on twists, capturing the collective imagination of the readers. The author has managed to capture the attention of readers with an obsession for ancient history with his plot of unraveling the journey of diversions.

In these poems, you will find inspiration and questions ranging from the most mundane to the selectively sublime. They are seemingly random, yet all possibly interconnected. In addition to musing about what an individual ought to do, pondering why he knows, taking a stroll through prehistoric and historical ruins, reading great poetry, highlighting five wonderful women, speculating about unrequited love, trumpeting about nature’s glory, and traversing the Inferno, the story free past occupants and replace them with modern ones that will please readers.

“A good story delivers a promise of the premise and works to deliver on it. There is something for the rationalist, the romantic, the scientist, the skeptic, the faithful, the lover, the loved, and for the reader. With an engaging plot, I have aimed to create a sense of excitement for the readers throughout the book,” shares Pascal Paul Piazza.

The 84 pages of this classical fiction have something to offer everyone, including the rationalist, the romantic, the scientist, the skeptic, the faithful, etc. With a creative writing style and correct word choice, the author has made sure to develop an engaging storyline with surprising plot twists.

For more details, click on the website https://www.amazon.com/Diversions-Road-Writing-Book-Two/dp/1726704602/.

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