Simon T. Bailey’s Ignite the Power of Women in Your Life Offers an Inspired Approach to Empowering Women to Reach Their Full Potential

With authentic advice and radical candor, Simon T. Bailey’s, Ignite the Power of Women in Your Life invites men on a journey inward to redefine how they relate to, communicate with and honor women, in order to transform their personal and professional lives.

The world is at a tipping point. Women continue to assume more leadership and decision-making roles, yet still face disempowerment everywhere. In order to create an environment where the full potential of women can be realized, men need to learn how to help ignite the district sparks within them, so women can, in turn, warm the lives of those they touch. With raw honesty and hard-learned truths, Ignite the Power of Women in Your Life: A Guide For Men invites men (and women) into a world where they can celebrate and connect with the women in their life more meaningfully than ever before. It all started with a simple statement from my daughter, “It’s okay dad, I’ll just see you later.” That very statement turned into a Goalcast video released to META with over 90 million views today.

As readers learn to understand how and why they think the way they do, the combination of vulnerability and self-awareness is designed to create immense transformational change — and a life of lasting fulfillment.

In this complex and chaotic time, we need more than ever the particular skills and attributes women possess and can bring to the table. To move successfully into the future, men need to be able to live in relationships that are whole, genuine, and open,” says author Simon T. Bailey. Drawing from over 30 years’ experience in the hospitality industry, Bailey has impacted more than 2,000 organizations worldwide and was named one of SUCCESS Magazine’s Top 25 People to Help You Achieve Your Business and Life Goals. As a sought-after speaker and award-winning author, Bailey has established himself as one of the foremost experts in personal development, with an ultimate goal of helping people from all walks of life discover their true brilliance. “This book teaches readers how to celebrate and connect with the women in your life and create new opportunities for success.

Ignite the Power of Women in Your Life invites readers honest tips, tools, and strategies on how to best love, honor and support the women in their lives. The book includes practical exercises, powerful reflections, and supportive mindset shift prompts readers can use to begin their journey of empowering women through compassion, mindfulness, vulnerability, open communication and more. In an honest, emotional and conversational manner, Bailey delivers key concepts with the kind of energy of a friend whose every word keeps you engaged and curious. This goes a long way in making the more profound paradigm shifts for which Bailey advocates for that much more digestible. In addition, the book sets itself apart from its personal-development contemporaries in its astute inclusion of how digital technologies play into today’s modern landscape. At every turn, Bailey positions himself ahead of the curve.  

Ignite the Power of Women in Your Life has been endorsed by some of the most well-renowned experts, authors, and reviewers around the world. Arielle Ford, Author of Turn Your Mate Into Your Soulmate, writes “For all the men out there wondering, ‘What can I do to show up more for the women in my life?’, Simon T. Bailey has the answer…If you want to be a better colleague, ally, and partner to women, this book is the perfect place to start.”  

A must-read for men and women who dream of creating a rewarding and meaningful personal, professional, and business life, Ignite the Power of Women in Your Life is available for sale on Amazon. Readers who are ready to embrace the power of this new era are encouraged to purchase their copy today:

About the Author

Simon T. Bailey is the author of “Ignite the Power of WOMEN In Your Life: A Guide for MEN,” the book destined to spark a worldwide movement. In fact, Simon has committed to a life of purpose that sparks individuals and organizations to lead countries, companies, and communities differently. This current mission caps an illustrious career as a Hall of Fame Keynote Speaker and renowned advisor to companies in diverse industries. His framework is based on his 30 years’ experience in the hospitality industry, including serving as sales director for Disney Institute, based at Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando, FL. As a prolific author and speaker, Simon has worked with Signet Jewelers, SalesForce, T-Mobile, Stanford Healthcare, General Mills and Hilton Hotels, just to name a few.

He has three online courses featured on LinkedIn Learning that reach professionals in 100+ countries. Recently, Simon became a certified Caritas Coach, leading with heart-centered intelligence. To learn more, please visit:

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