“One Thousand Moments” – An Exhibition of New Oil Paintings by Brent Estabrook, Opens Feb 18th

The event is presented by Estabrook Studios and will start at 7 pm on Feb 18th.

Estabrook Studios is presenting “One Thousand Moments,” – an exhibition of new oil paintings by Brent Estabrook, on February 18th, 2023, from 7 pm to 9 pm at 818 S Spring St. Los Angeles, USA.

The five pieces featured in the show are part of a series that began in 2020 and developed over the last three years. Affectionately nicknamed “Quilts” by the artist, this new body of work features the same impasto brushwork and rich color palette characteristic of Estabrook’s Stuffed Animals paintings while shedding figurative representation in favor of abstract polychromatic grids.

The gridlike compositions contain anywhere from 40 to 400 squares which range in size from the neatly small tiles seen in the eponymous One Thousand Moments, 2022, to the large flexuous shapes depicted in Delicious, 2022.  Essential to the creative process is the flow of meditation and intuition as practiced by the artist. He meditates daily in the same space as he paints, and the two activities weave together, informing one another. He approaches each painting with a mindful presence, his selection of color and composition guided by an in-the-moment instinct and the momentum it creates. Each painted square is a unique, self-contained record of a singular instance of the artist’s existence, and one by one; the squares assemble into luscious, colorful tapestries. Some are bursting with unbridled joy and some cultivate a quieter self-reflective experience. 

“Each painting is imbued with a creative playfulness that is palpable when standing in front of it,” the artist says of this diaristic method of painting.

To learn more, visit:  https://www.estabrookstudios.com

For updates, follow Brent Estabrook’s Instagram account @BrentEstabrook

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