Transforming Trauma Into Triumph: Janaida Marii’s Mission To Heal Women

Janaida Marii, an accomplished entrepreneur and life coach, is proud to announce an intake for new clients to her latest offering: a coaching program designed specifically for women to help them heal their traumas and manifest the life of their dreams.

Rooted in her own challenging experiences dealing with adversities, Marii has created this program from a place of self-healing and empathy. With Marii’s guidance and coaching, more than 150 women from over thirteen countries have already benefited and turned their lives around and have been successful in creating their best lives.

Marii has gone through many difficult moments in her life, including the loss of both parents and three close friends, homelessness, and more. Yet, despite these struggles, she was able to use her own program to heal from her trauma and create a life that is worth celebrating. Now, with her coaching services, she wants to offer the same opportunity for healing and celebration to other women who have faced similar hardships.

The goal of Marii’s coaching program is simple: every woman deserves peace in her life. “Upgrading your awareness takes courage and passion. What you’ve been through does not define who you are,” says Marii. Acutely aware of the damages of childhood, relationship and loss traumas, and armed with her high-ticket coaching program, she hopes to show more and more women the exact steps to help them shed their traumas and  ultimately lead her clients towards a life worth living and celebrating.

Marii’s coaching program provides tangible steps to help each of her clients find inner peace no matter how hard it may seem. From the UK to Jamaica, Amsterdam, Turks and Caicos Islands, the USA and more, Marii has successfully offered her coaching services and healed women far and wide.

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