Portuguese Citizens and Ireland Citizens Can Now Apply For an Indian eVisa via Indian Visa Online.

The process for acquiring an Indian eVisa is quick and easy for international visitors. Foreign nationals traveling to India for various reasons, such as business or vacation, can easily obtain an Indian eVisa.

An electronic visa is necessary if foreign national wishes to travel to India for business, leisure, sightseeing, a brief visit to see friends or family, to take part in a short-term yoga program, to receive medical treatment, including treatment using Indian systems of medicine, or for any other reason.

The eligibility criteria for an  Indian visa for Portuguese citizens and Indian Visa for Ireland citizens are the same. These countries were among the launch members of the Indian Visa program. And hence nationals from these two countries get visas easily. From their native country, citizens can apply for an electronic visa to India. The application process is exceedingly simple for the applicants. To complete the application form, they will need an email address, a credit or debit card in one of the 133 currencies, or Paypal.

The citizens will receive their Indian visas by email after completing the online application form with the necessary information and when the online credit card payment has been approved.

Indian Visa rejected happens due to different reasons. Some of them are providing a blurry photograph, the applicant being of Pakistani origin, not providing the full name, having the wrong e-medical visa, mismatched information, and so on.

Those who urgently require a visa to enter India (eVisa India for urgency) are granted one. The visa is also known as an Indian emergency visa. An urgent emergency Indian visa involves a lot less time and work than other visa categories, including the Indian business visa, Indian tourist visa, and Indian medical visa.

Foreign nationals interested in visiting India for leisure, short-term yoga programs, visits to see friends and family, or sightseeing are eligible to apply for a five-year India e-Tourist Visa. To apply for the 5 Year Indian Visa, one must have a valid passport, an email id, and a debit or credit card.

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