Presentation Advisors Brings a Business Startup to Promote and Provide Digital Marketing Services for the Modeling Industry

Presentation Advisors is an establishment of Age Cyber Digital Marketing Agency which offers digital marketing services for the modeling industry and to models.

Presentation Advisors has emerged as a business startup to promote and provide digital marketing services to models and for the modeling industry. The company offers services to improve the income of more than 600 organizations and guide more than 1000 clients to achieve success in the digital world. The company believes that its success is in its clients’ achievement.


Presentation Advisors is one of these startups, which became the leading unicorn business in the industry in a fairly short time due to their professional approach and with over 17 years of experience of professional digital marketing to small and mid-sized firms around the world. There are a lot of reasons for their immediate rise, of course, and the key aspects that changed the industry. 

Along with its fairly new agency business model, Presentation Advisor entered the market fairly early to lead and made something different, such as promoting a lot of credibility and proof of success to its models. The company had a fairly big digital marketing team, so they got immense support from their years of experience in the marketing team for promoting the modeling industry. In addition, the company provides a private dashboard for their models to manage and track advertising done to them. 

The company appointed professional advisors who supported the clients at every stage. It works on digital marketing, so it is quite easy to develop their business suddenly. The process is entirely safe and protected with formal contracts and responsible for covering all its rights by the law. In addition, the company gives services at reasonable rates as fixed.


CEO of Presentation Advisors’ Nusret Ocakturk, quotes, “we follow blue ocean strategy in every industry we in as Asset Continental LTD; before we enter the industry, we do comprehensive market research find all the weaknesses, opportunities what we can bring to the industry how we can do the presentation and marketing operations, when and when we enter the industry this research and business plan allows us to eliminate most of the unknown obstacles we face in the market, we basically bring the change, innovation and new marketing strategies to that particular industry.”

About Presentation Advisors:

Presentation Advisors is an Age Cyber Digital Marketing Agency which offers digital marketing services in the last 16 years to more than 1000 firms. Due to its professional approach and experience, the company became the leading business in a very short time and allows starting future with Presentation Advisors. The company gained digital marketing consultancy with its legal and professional experience with average followers growth and income generated for the models.

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