Only 3.2 Out Of 10 Online Shops Have The “Guest Checkout” As The Most Prominent Option, New Study By Makingcentsaddup Finds

The vast majority of online shops do not have a prominent “Guest Checkout” option and only 32% do, according to the analysis of 50 top online shops including Gucci, Nike, eBay, Amazon, Argos, and many others by Makingcentsaddup.
The research also discovered that 52% of online shops do not have a “Guest Checkout” option at all, 2% have it but it’s not clearly labeled, 4% have it written as a plain text link, 6% have it below the sign in button/ link, and 4% have it after email input.
Many shoppers do not want to create an account simply to checkout, and the unavailability or lack of prominence of the “Guest Checkout” option may lead to unnecessary abandonments. Some customers abandon the shopping cart because there is no “Guest Checkout” option or it’s there but they can’t see it, or because they are forced to enter their email addresses first.
According to the study by Makingcentsaddup, there are five ways online shops fail to make the “Guest Checkout” the most prominent option, and they are:
– The “Guest Checkout” is not clearly labeled.
– The “Guest Checkout” is a plain text link.
– The “Guest Checkout” is under sign-in or other options.
– The “Guest Checkout” is only offered after a customer has input an email.
– The “Guest Checkout” option is not available at all.
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