Author Martin William Anderson Offers Readers an Intimate Look into Addiction and Recovery in “What Is, Is? I Was Just Thinking”

Author Martin William Anderson Offers Readers an Intimate Look into Addiction and Recovery in "What Is, Is? I Was Just Thinking"
“What Is, Is? I Was Just Thinking” is Martin William Anderson’s introspective book of poetry detailing his experiences as an addict and alcoholic. Through his verse, Anderson shares with readers the good, the bad, and the ugly as he details the horrors of some of life’s most incredible challenges.

Scoring a five star review right out of the gate, Martin William Anderson’s poetry is turning heads. What Is, Is? I Was Just Thinking takes readers on a deep dive into the life of a man who has battled for years to rise from his mistakes. Anderson minces no words and holds nothing back as he opens the book that is his life and invites readers to share in his reflections on his struggle, his acceptance of his flaws, and the strength in his fight. Readers will appreciate the candid nature of Anderson’s verse and the sincerity that is clearly communicated in his writing.

“Loved it!” ~ Amazon 5-Star Review

All We Got Is All We Need
By Martin William Anderson

We’re all we got, we’re all we need.
A mantra we should adhere to, if we believe.
With unity true success is guaranteed.
See, I need you and you need me.
We’re all we got but we’re all we need.
It’s you and I against the world indeed.
To work together we must concede.
I’ll try once again to plant this seed.
Some will contend they live by a better creed.
But I’m all you’ve got and you’re all I need.

About the Book:

What Is, Is? I Was Just Thinking is a book of evocative poetry written by Martin William Anderson. Anderson, a former drug addict, uses flowing verse to share his innermost thoughts with readers in hopes of changing and improving their lives. His profound experiences are relayed through a variety of topics ranging from his own self-loathing to parenting through addiction.

About the Author:

Martin William Anderson was born in Bakersfield, California, and raised in the cities of Compton and Long Beach and found himself returning to his hometown of Bakersfield as an adult. Anderson’s football career spanned his junior high and high school years and extended into college. Enjoying writing and seeing the importance of sharing his own experience, Anderson published his first work. What Is, Is? I Was Just Thinking. Anderson describes himself as an ex-drug addict, alcoholic, adulterer, liar, and cheater. His poetry is built upon this stunning self-awareness. 

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