Snowbird Investor in Partnership with Coach Roel Launches Florida Investing 101

Snowbird Investor in Partnership with Coach Roel Launches Florida Investing 101
Helping Canadians and other US foreign nationals add a piece of the Sunshine State to their real estate portfolio

For most Canadians, traveling to Florida is the perfect escape because of its chill ambiance and warm weather. This is why even realtors want to venture in a property investing business in Florida. Fortunately, the Snowbird Investor is here to help Canadians and other US foreign nationals turn that dream into a reality.

The Snowbird Investor is a strong believer of the Canadian dream of retiring ridiculously early and flying south to live in Florida every winter. Because of this, they are committed to inspiring Canadians to launch a Florida property investing business through their free course called Florida Investing 101.

Florida Investing 101, a free on-demand video course specially created for Canadians who are interested in property investing businesses was made in partnership with Coach Roel Sarmago. For those who are not familiar with Coach Roel, he is Canada’s Florida Investing expert and the author of the book titled, “Undiscovered Riches: How to Find Your Hidden Wealth.”

With over 14 years of experience as a Canadian Certified Financial planner and more than eight years of being a traditional financial advisor, Coach Roel is the perfect person to lead this online course. In fact, he and his family are living testimonies that it is possible to live the life of their dreams. Together with his wife and three kids, Coach Roel resides in Orlando, Florida.

Through this course, Coach Roel will be sharing the real-world skills that interested people will need in order to live out their dream of vacationing in Florida. Some of the concepts that the course covers include discussion on why the poor are getting poorer and the rich are moving to Florida, how to become a cross-border Snowbird Investor at any age, and how to own and operate a Florida vacation rental properly remotely. Coach Roel will also be talking about the lucrative secondary markets that Canadians do not know about.

“We reveal all seven of our proprietary steps for launching a Florida property investing business as a US foreign national,” Coach Roel added. He is hopeful that through this course Canadians will be able to avoid the common costly mistakes they make when buying Florida investment properties.

Become a Snowboard Investor today and learn from Coach Roel through the Florida Investing 101 on-demand video course. Enrollment is free, so do not hesitate to take this chance and visit the Snowbird Investor website at to know more.

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Snowbird Investor is an international investor who owns and operates a Florida property investing business from Canada.

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