Making A Living Out Of Trees? Here’s How To Strengthen Roots With Minimal Liabilities On The Tree Savages Platforms

Sean Klongerbo is determined to bring change to the tree business, a field that has been notoriously known for its grueling conditions and lack of workers’ rights. After years of witnessing colleagues suffer injuries, liabilities, and even death due to inadequate pay, he decided to take action and founded Tree Savages – a platform aimed at educating tree workers on how to build smarter businesses.

Tree Savages provides resources and services to help tree workers determine what jobs they should bid for, as well as making sure they receive the adequate compensation for their work. It allows owners and operators the opportunity to list all their full expenses, including labor costs, materials, equipment rental fees, and other related expenses – so that no one ever gets shortchanged. 

With a mission to redefine how tree work is conducted, Tree Savages is an invaluable asset for startups and small operator enterprises in the tree industry. The Margin Multiplier, their pricing app, was the flagship product that got this whole company started. It’s a great way to bid for jobs, know ALL of your expected expenses, and factor in liability, so users know how much they need to make per working day and get a profit on top of that.

What’s more? Sean Klongerbo’s story is nothing short of inspiring – his determination and dedication have enabled him to make his dream come true despite all odds against it. He’s worked hard to create a platform that can empower tree workers across the world — by providing them with a safe way of receiving due compensation for their hard work in this often-overlooked field. So far, he has several clients who have doubled their revenue, if not more,  after joining.

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