BSLBATT Presents A Completed Hybrid Solar Inverter + Lithium Solar Battery Solution to Installers & Dealers

China lithium-ion battery manufacturer BSLBATT is entering the global residential solar market by combining a hybrid solar inverter + lithium solar battery solution, which they say will be “the most cost-effective residential energy storage system solution, and the installation of both BSLBATT batteries and inverter products can get 12 They say it will be “the most cost-effective solution for residential solar energy storage systems, and the installation of both BSLBATT batteries and inverters will result in a 12-year warranty. “

lithium solar battery hybrid solar inverter

Late last year, BSLBATT already launched its own hybrid solar inverter product, and in order to provide customers with better choices, the company is offering solar installers and dealers a packaged solution that combines storage batteries and inverters, and offers 12-year technical support and warranty to solar installers and dealers who use this solution!

“For more than a decade, BSLBATT has been helping off-grid customers design and build innovative lithium-ion solar battery solutions with an unmatched price/performance ratio,” said Aydan, BSLBATT’s Energy Storage Product Operations Manager. ” Leveraging our specialized manufacturing and production experience, we want to provide solar installer and dealer customers with an equally satisfying package experience.”

After gaining recognition from many dealers and installers as well as consumers in the lithium-ion residential battery space, BSLBATT felt it was time to move into the development and design as well as production of hybrid solar inverters to provide customers with a more complete home energy storage system, including its own hybrid solar inverters and battery storage. Currently, BSLBATT has completed the development and production of 5kW hybrid solar inverters, which are fully comparable to Deye, Growatt, Goodwe and other well-known brands in the market in terms of performance, and have IEC62109-1, IEC62109-2, EN61000-6-1, EN61000-1-3, VDE-AR-N4105, EN50549, G99, CEI-021, AS/NZS4777.2 and many other certificates. Combined with our existing lithium-ion solar battery offerings, we have created combined solutions for solar distributors and installers that are more easily selected by customers to improve customer experience, reduce costs and shorten turnaround times.

5kWh Litthium battery

With most inverter brands and manufacturers now promoting their own lithium solar batteries, this is a lot of pressure for BSLBATT, which focuses on lithium solar battery manufacturing! And we often receive after-sales issues from inverters that cause problems with the battery system not functioning properly, which also creates great problems for us to serve our customers, so we developed our own hybrid inverter line to give distributors and installers a better choice of products on one hand, and to better implement our customer service on the other!

In the future product development process, we will combine this 5kW hybrid inverter and ultra-thin rack-mounted battery more perfectly, and we hope to sell integrated, complete products directly to residential solar dealers and installers, thus eliminating the need for dealers, and this whole integrated system will be between 5-30 kWh, which can perfectly match the needs of consumers!

“Solar installers and dealers are our key partners in helping consumers achieve energy independence,” said Eric, CEO of BSLBATT. “In addition to being able to provide them with more cost-effective products, we are more than willing to provide them with premier product learning and training so they can better serve consumers, complete more installations and grow their businesses.”

BSLBATT battery bank for home 1200

Residential batteries and hybrid solar inverters are two very important parts of residential solar systems, and equally important components that are inseparable, so the development of the interaction between storage battery manufacturers and inverter manufacturers is inevitable, then going forward the energy storage market products will be more competitive, how to highlight the advantages of BSLBATT products in the competition is a problem we need to consider, but the first and foremost safety issue is still We have been tested and verified by many safety agencies, and we believe that the quality and safety of our products can stand up to the market’s verification! So we also have the ability to provide our products with a 12-year warranty and technical support!

We welcome more solar dealers and installers to join our “Energy Independence” program to help more consumers realize their dreams of power and energy self-sufficiency, and learning about our hybrid solar inverters and lithium-ion solar batteryproducts will be the first step in building our partnership!

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