Allerpops Hosting A Fireside Chat To Explain the Benefits of the product.

AllerPops is a Los Alamos-based company dedicated to relieving allergies for longer periods by treating the root cause and removing the need for daily shots or pills. The company is guided by the principle of reconnecting customers with nature and the world.

On February 24th at 1pm PST, the CFO of AllerPops will host a fireside chat. You can participate in this exciting meet up over Zoom by registering here

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What are AllerPops?

Dr. Cliff Shunsheng Han is the inventor of AllerPops. He is a former physician, a biologist with 30 years of experience, and an allergy sufferer. When his son also began to struggle with severe allergy symptoms, Dr. Han felt compelled to act.

“As a biologist and physician, I took my problem to the lab,” recalls Dr. Han. “I embarked on a life-changing journey to discover what was causing my family’s allergies. After three years of study, I found that allergic responses diminish when we have more good bacteria in our mouths. The relief my son and I experienced was dramatic, and that is when I determined to share this knowledge with other allergy sufferers.”  

Dr. Han’s research into allergic rhinitis offered a revolutionary solution. AllerPops ease respiratory upsets and irritations with expertly formulated, natural ingredients to provide complete nutrition for the probiotics that live in the airway. The mouth serves as a home reservoir for these crucial probiotics, and they pass to other parts of the airway as people breathe, talk, and eat.

“People need an abundant supply of these good bacteria,” explains Dr. Han. “They are the peacemakers between you and mother nature. AllerPops balance your immune system and ease respiratory stress by providing the good bacteria with the nutrition they need to thrive. If your probiotics aren’t healthy, you won’t be healthy either.”

AllerPop users report real relief from symptoms:

94.5% of users feel relief from nasal congestion

89.5% of users feel relief from nasal discharge or sneezing

86% of users feel relief from watery/red eyes

81.3% of users feel relief from headaches

80% of users feel relief from sore throat

76.5% of users feel relief from wheezing/asthma

73.9% of users feel relief from coughing

69.2% of users feel relief from eczema

53.3% of users feel relief from arthritis/muscle aching

The process is simple and easy. Allergy sufferers simply suck on an AllerPop every other day after nightly oral hygiene routine. When symptoms disappear, there is no need for continuous daily use. The pops leave allergy sufferers with billions of good bacteria to serve them for months — even years.

Once symptoms abate, people only need to maintain their new level of probiotics. Dr. Han recommends brushing and flossing once a day with oral microbiome-friendly hygiene products. According to research, excessive oral hygiene depletes probiotic populations and may prevent the benefits of AllerPops. The company is developing prebiotic (food for probiotics) toothpaste and mouthwash tablets that will enhance and maintain the effect of AllerPops.

AllerPops do not simply mask allergy symptoms. This all-natural, organic cure corrects the root cause of allergies in days and is poised to disrupt the allergy relief market. 

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