Tips to Become A Lipgloss Production Expert

The new year marks the perfect opportunity to start fresh. Whether you decide to set an ambitious goal to reset your lifestyle or to change your look by going platinum blonde. Regardless, it is an ideal time to look to the future and all the exciting things it may hold. Let’s make lipgloss together.

LIPGLOSS is what gives your lips a shiny or glossy texture.The primary purpose of using lipgloss is to give your lips shine. Good quality lipgloss is nourishing and helps maintain plumpness in your lips. Even lipglosses of different shades have a see-through color, and the pigmentation is very subtle. This means you can apply lip gloss without any significant change to the color of your lips. Glosses help maintain plumpness and moisture in the lips during summertime.  

GIENICOS would like to share some tips to help you become a lipgloss production expert with our 12years experience:

Learn about the lipgloss Formulation

     →Coconut oil – for moisturizing properties

     →Olive oil or grape seed oil – for skin barrier protection

     →Vitamin E essence – for dry lips and skin regeneration

     →Beeswax – for sun and UV rays protection

     →Cocoa butter or shea butter – for smooth hydration

     →Mica pigments (purified, and not synthetic) – for that color sheen

The above lipgloss ingredients are the core of every recipe. The rest is up to you.

Decide which package you are going to choose

Plastic tube or plastic bottle should be selected before we move to next step. 

Processing steps involved in lip-gloss making

→Lipgloss mixing machine →Three roll miller →Lipgloss Filling Machine →Lipgloss Labeling Machine →Lipgloss Sleeve Shrinking Machine →Lipgloss bottle ink jet printer and Cartoning machineHow to pack lipgloss into different package?

If we select plastic tube, we need a tube filling and sealing machine.

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