The Meyer Law Firm: Leveraging The Co-Counsel Model of Legal Representation in Personal Injury Cases

Why personal injury victims, especially in cases involving catastrophic injuries, should not limit their options to legal representation from a single law firm

While it may seem more convenient to deal with only one law firm, there are plenty of benefits from relying on multiple law firms to handle one’s legal work. This strategy – also known as the co-counsel model of legal representation – is popular among large corporations with huge legal departments, which recognize the value of having lawyer specialists at different law firms representing them in the same case. However, it should not be mistaken that large corporations are the only ones who can use the co-counsel model of legal representation to their advantage.

Some lawyers who represent personal injury victims have started using this same co-counsel solution to even the playing field and perhaps even tip it in the victim’s favor. The Meyer Law Firm, in particular, is a proponent of co-counsel representation for catastrophic personal injury cases. “The co-counsel model of legal representation is no longer just a sophisticated strategy used by large corporations. Now some lawyers have effectively brought this strategy to personal injury victims,” their team shares.

The Meyer Law Firm is committed to helping victims of catastrophic personal injuries get the highest recoveries in the shortest time, with the least risk, using bespoke co-counsel engagements. To them, most talented and experienced lawyers tend to have a narrow-focused area where they truly thrive and excel – and sometimes, the talent needed for a particular case is at two different law firms. So instead of being limited to the lawyers within a certain firm, The Meyer Law Firm follows the co-counsel model, allowing legal teams to be custom-built with lawyers at different firms based on what the case requirements are.

When it comes to a personal injury lawsuit, make sure to inquire about co-counsel solutions as an alternative. Co-counsel options are real for catastrophic cases. Reach out to The Meyer Law Firm at or ask one’s attorney of choice if they offer co-counsel representation for the same cost and what they do to attract talent from other law firms.

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The Meyer Law Firm specializes in representing individuals who suffer life-changing injuries due to the wrongdoing of others. They offer success-based legal services, representing clients across the USA since 2003. Today, the firm is managed from Texas and the U.S. Virgin Islands.

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