China Measurement Instrument Supplier ATO Flow Meter Launches Two Brand-New Insertion Electromagnetic Flow Meter and Thermal Mass Flow Meter


ATO Flow Meter is a leading provider of high-quality flow meters and professional industrial measuring flow meter manufacturers in China. The company owns a complete automated production line to cover all kinds of high accuracy flow meter, magnetic flow meters, Vortex flow meters, Liquid flow meters, Portable ultrasonic flow meters, Digital gas flow meters, and others accessories. Now it is going to launch two new products: The Insertion Electromagnetic Flow Meter and the Thermal Mass Flow Meter. These new products are to provide even greater accuracy and reliability for a wide range of industrial applications.


The Insertion Electromagnetic Flow Meter is a versatile and cost-effective solution for measuring pipe liquid flow rates. It can be easily installed in existing pipelines without interrupting the flow process, making it ideal for applications where downtime is not an option. With its advanced signal processing technology, the Insertion Electromagnetic Flow Meter provides highly accurate measurements even in harsh environments.

On the other hand, the Thermal Mass Flow Meter is organized for measuring gas flow rates in industrial applications. Its advanced thermal sensor technology provides accurate and reliable measurements even for low flow rates. The Thermal Mass Flow Meter is ideal for applications where precise gas flow control is critical, such as chemical processing, food and beverage production, and power generation.

“We are thrilled to launch these new products, which will provide even greater accuracy and reliability for our customers, Our team has worked tirelessly to develop these products, and we are confident that they will meet the needs of a wide range of industrial applications.” said by ATO Senior Sale Manager, Jan Karski.

ATO Flow Meter is committed to providing high-quality flow meters and exceptional customer service. With these outstanding characteristics, the company is poised to continue its growth and success in the industry.

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About ATO Flow Meter:

ATO has more than ten years of flow meter research development and manufacturing experience, now it has become a leading provider in the measurement instrument industry in China. The team consists of professional technical talents who are experts in flow meter research and development in China earlier. All products in ATO meet international standards and are mainly sold to Europe, the United States, Southeast Asia, and South Africa.

The company offers a variety of flow meters, including electromagnetic, ultrasonic, vortex, and mass flow meters, as well as customized solutions to meet specific customer needs. With a focus on quality and customer service, ATO Flow Meter has become a trusted partner for industrial businesses worldwide. We are looking forward to your inquiries for future cooperation.

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