Health and Wellness Specialist Paves the Way to Reclaiming Health and Vitality by Addressing the Root Cause

Internationally acclaimed health, wellness, and weight loss specialist Trina Hammack FDN-P specializes in using a holistic and natural approach to help clients overcome health problems with lasting results.

Work demands and living in today’s fast-moving world can have a huge affect on one’s health. During our busy work week, many people do not take the time to implement a proper exercise regime or eat in a healthy and balanced manner. Nutrition and wellness goals are often ignored, and poor diets lead to chronic and severe health issues. 

Many factors affect the health and wellness of an individual, and there is no “one-size-fits-all” solution. When weight loss becomes a priority, succumbing to dieting programs and “wonder drugs” to solve the problem is easy and convenient. But these methods never produce lasting results, and the entire self-defeating cycle starts again.

Trina Hammack, an accredited Functional Diagnostic Nutritionist and health and wellness specialist, founded Cornerstone Wellness Center in 2008 to help her clients heal themselves holistically. Having faced chronic Lyme disease, mold and heavy metal poisoning, and aggressive ovarian cancer, Trina is familiar with health-related challenges. That she was healed through alternative and holistic methods was an epiphany that convinced her mainstream medicine could not cure many illnesses afflicting people in their everyday lives.

Trina has tenaciously adhered to her conviction over the years, so clients have dubbed her “The Root Cause Warrior for Health.” Having helped thousands of people for over 27 years, Trina is a respected health, wellness, and weight loss specialist. She guides her clients to leave no stone unturned — with a relentless commitment to finding the root cause while they reclaim their health and vitality.

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Based out of Monterey, California, Trina offers virtual and in-person services to help her clients with health and wellness issues. These issues could be anything from weight loss, anxiety, pain, hormonal imbalances, insomnia, fatigue, brain fog, etc. Her work over the years has not gone unnoticed. Her amazing interviews and stories have been featured in The Truth About Cancer docu-series and countless summits, including The Chronic Lyme Disease Summit, The Parasite Summit, The Adrenal Solutions Summit, The 21-Day Body/Mind Detox, and the Global Health and Healing Summit, and many more.

Trina approaches each client compassionately because she knows what it is like to try everything possible and not see results. When clients work with her, she starts with a “Root Cause Investigation” and explores the health concern on every level. She addresses all levels of dis-ease with “out-of-the-box” functional testing, specific detox and rebuilding strategies, emotional trauma work, and more. One of the most common problems she addresses is weight loss resistance due to deeper root cause problems. Mold illness and toxicities often are at the root of weight loss resistance, pain, and hormonal disturbances.

Obesity is one of the leading causes of other lifestyle diseases, such as diabetes, hypertension, and high cholesterol. When clients seek help with weight loss, Trina sits down with them in a personalized consultation session. After an assessment and body composition analysis, she creates a customized  weight loss program or a Root Cause Functional Nutrition plan tailored to their needs.

Each personalized program includes delicious recipes, weekly body composition analysis, and fat-burning and detoxifying supplements. Trina holistically considers emotional trauma, chemical imbalances, nutritional deficiencies, and environmental toxins. She applies Rolf Structural Integration, a myofascial release modality, when pain inhibits movement and exercise.

Trina Hammack offers effective alternative coaching through Cornerstone Wellness Center, helping clients regain their health and live their best lives. Her health and wellness coaching services are also available remotely; those needing help can seek advice through her free 15-minute consultations.

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Cornerstone Wellness Center is a health and wellness company founded by health and nutrition specialist Trina Hammack and is based in Monterey, California. Trina holistically addresses health problems and incorporates various technologies to solve health-related issues. She is a certified Functional Diagnostic Nutritionist, a Quantum Biofeedback specialist, a certified health coach from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, and part of the Pastoral Wellness Association. Trina is a sought-after speaker and has appeared at various summits such as The Truth About Cancer, The Chronic Lyme Disease Summit, The Parasite Summit, The Resiliency Lifestyle Summit, and more.

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