Paul Hutchinson Speaking Out About His Undercover Work

Fund Manager dedicates his life to eradicating global epidemic.

Los Angeles, CA, USA – February 22, 2023 – 10 years ago, Paul Hutchinson, Multi-Billion Dollar Fund Manager, was introduced to the horrific world of child trafficking. Human trafficking is the 2nd largest criminal enterprise, globally. He was recruited for his first undercover rescue mission in Colombia, one of Latin American’s largest economies. In that first mission, Hutchinson played a part of the rescue of over 120 children. The movie, Sound of Freedom, is based on that rescue, Eduardo Verastegui plays the part of Paul in the movie.

It was during that mission and seeing a scared-to-death 11-year-old girl, with tear-stained cheeks, standing in front of him, Paul chose to dedicate his life to the eradication of human trafficking, rescuing as many children as he could, and figuring out how to fix this problem for good.

“Protecting the truly innocent, this is something that every person from every political view, every religion, every race can get behind.” says Hutchinson, “Every human on the planet can come together to save children from something this horrible..”

After 70 undercover missions, and helping to raise money to fund thousands of children being rescued, Hutchinson realized that there was no way to keep up. More children are being sold into human trafficking today than they were 10 years ago. As quickly as one child is rescued, a replacement is quickly found.

“Yes, we’re making a powerful impact in the lives of each of the children we rescue, but the demand is ever-increasing,” regrets Hutchinson. “Every time we pull 20 children out to get them back with their families, more get sucked into the darkest recesses of Hell because we haven’t done enough to solve the ever expanding demand.”

Seeing the deepest, darkest depravity of human nature, Paul has begun speaking out on a world peace tour, asking the question, “How can we as a mankind come together to solve this problem?”

“One child being sold is unacceptable, more than 8 million is unfathomable. Yet as big as that number is, the driving factor behind the demand is staggering. Almost two billion people in this world were victims of scxual abuse as a child.”

According to Hutchinson, the tsunami of demand fueling child scx trafficking is pcrnography addition and generational abuse in the home. Statistics show that 1 in 4 women and 1 in 6 men were scxually abused before the age of 18. Most abused children carry the pain throughout their life as they grow up with low self-esteem or battling depression and anxiety. Some end up hurting others through verbal, physical or scxual abuse. We must stop generational trauma before it gets passed on to others.

After battling with these numbers, the solution became clear to Hutchinson.

“If my goal is to eradicate child trafficking, just going undercover rescuing 20 children at a time will never fix the problem. I need to use my stories to fix the demand before the children are ever trafficked in the first place. I need to help people learn how to shed that negative energy and that trauma they’ve been holding onto for years. I can teach them how to forgive themselves and not define themselves by what happened to them in their past. I’m here to help people heal before they pass that trauma onto someone else.”

Hutchinson is currently publishing his book titled, Are you Listening? A Guide to Tapping Into Your Intuition. The book is a meant to become a beacon of light, helping people realize they were born with the essence of truth inside of them, and once they tap into their intuition, they can use it to guide themselves and keep themselves safe. “Following your intuition can help you to create a world of happiness, and abundance and guide you to create something beautiful and amazing.” In his book, Hutchinson is sharing story after story of following his intuition, more often than protocol to find the children.

He believes that the light of truth we were all born with is the key to unlocking many of the challenges we face.

“The same tools I used during those rescue missions to help me find those children helped me build a multi-billion-dollar business. They are also the same tools I tapped into to shed my own personal trauma that was creating dysfunctional relationships and unhappiness in those around me. Once you learn how to move past the trauma, you can come to a place of peace, of light and of love.”

Hutchinson has already begun speaking out, sharing his story on podcasts and being invited to speak at events around the globe. Paul is following his intuition, sharing his story with audiences, bringing hope for completely ending the demand for human trafficking. Follow Paul Hutchinson at Are You Listening? A Guide to Tapping Into Your Intuition will be available mid 2023.

About Paul Hutchinson

Paul Hutchinson is a Co-Founder of Bridge Investment Group with over $40 Billion in assets under management and over 2000 employees. Paul’s investment funds have been ranked as the top performing real estate funds of their kind in the United States. Paul retired from Bridge in 2017 to dedicate his time and resources to philanthropy.

Mr. Hutchinson is well known for his philanthropic and charity contributions. He has been the keynote speaker on philanthropy to royalty, world leaders and influencers on 6 continents. He is the Founder of The Child Liberation Foundation and has dedicated countless hours and donations to making an impact in the fight against child trafficking. Paul is active in donating time to civic organizations, charities, political groups and universities. His influence and success is highly respected by top political and business leaders everywhere.


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