Haier Biomedical Was Awarded the National Green Factory

The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of China recently announced the 2022 Annual Green Manufacturing Catalogue, and Haier Biomedical was awarded with the National Green Factory honors. This is another “green achievement” certification received by Haier Biomedical following the Qingdao Green Factory, Qingdao Low-carbon Enterprise, 2022 Listed Company Low-carbon Contribution Award, 2021-2022 Annual Carbon Reduction Pioneer Enterprise, etc.

Every year, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology will select a batch of enterprises from various industries and award them the honorary title of the National Green Factory to reward excellence in performance in green and high-quality development. This forms part of the implementation of the “14th Five-Year Plan” for industrial green development, comprehensively to promote green manufacturing, and help the industrial field achieve carbon peaking and carbon neutrality. This award is a recognition of Haier Biomedical’s efforts and achievements in implementing the “double carbon” strategy, promoting the construction of a green and intelligent manufacturing system, and achieving the green transformation of the development pattern. And Haier Biomedical will continue to practice the sustainable development concept based on the green and intelligent manufacturing system to promote its own high-quality development while helping the industry to replace old growth drivers with new, faster, and more advanced systems.

Haier Biomedical’s green and intelligent manufacturing system

Building a green and intelligent manufacturing system and setting a benchmark for green development within the industry and beyond.

In the context of the dual carbon strategy, the green manufacturing system is the main driver for enterprises to reduce carbon emissions and increase efficiency and is also a vital support mechanism for the industry’s green transformation. In addition, constrained by energy, resources, and the environment, China has a tough road to go in the green development of the manufacturing industry, and digitalization and intellectualization have become an even more important means for the manufacturing industry to achieve green transformation. How to organically combine greenness and intelligence to promote the industry’s green transformation and upgrading has become a new requirement and a new test for industrial enterprises.

Adhering to the green development concept, Haier Biomedical has built a green development system that runs through the whole chain of procurement, research and development, manufacturing, transportation, and office, striving to create a new driver for green manufacturing and new advantages in international competition. Focusing on the green and low-carbon transformation of the production pattern, Haier Biomedical, on the one hand, builds the core support units of the green and intelligent manufacturing system, namely efficient, clean, low-carbon, and recycling green factories, according to the principles of plant intensification, harmless raw materials, clean production, waste utilization, and low-carbon energy to improve its green development level. On the other hand, Haier Biomedical innovatively integrates digital and intelligent technologies, such as the Internet of Things, big data, artificial intelligence, and 5G, to build smart connected factories and enable data interconnection and sharing among production, equipment, energy, logistics, quality, and other business systems by linking the data information access of various departments. These have significantly reduced the time of problem discovery and provided a dynamic decision basis for intensive production to improve production efficiency and resource utilization.

Based on the green and intelligent construction of our factories, Haier Biomedical has deeply integrated technology and intelligence, quickly established a safe, efficient, and resilient green and intelligent manufacturing system, and has achieved leading management and green production of the whole process. Bearing the green development concept in mind, Haier Biomedical has made remarkable achievements in green and low-carbon development. Through the energy-saving renovation project, Haier Biomedical can reduce carbon emissions by 273.27 tons per year. For now, the company owns 75 energy-saving and environmental protection certificates concerning 48 models, and 37 cryogenic storage products have passed the American Energy Star certification. Its self-developed pharmacy refrigerator has won China’s first energy-saving and environmental protection certification for this product category; its ultra-low-temperature series products have been selected into the 2021-2022 Annual Energy-saving and Eco-Friendly Product Catalog of the Chinese Association of Refrigeration; its pioneered energy-saving series ultra-low-temperature freezers have promoted the ultra-low-temperature freezer industry to save energy by 50%, with each unit helping reduce carbon emissions by 2 tons per year; the solar vaccine refrigerator series products have been distributed to the world and help reduce carbon emissions by 109,500 tons per year. In addition, Haier Biomedical also actively participates in the formulation of “green” standards, such as the Energy Conservation and Environmental Protection Certification Criteria for Low-Temperature Freezer and the Energy Conservation and Environmental Protection Certification Criteria for Pharmacy Refrigerator, to fill the gaps in certification standards for energy conservation and energy consumption in related fields.

Haier Biomedical’s solar vaccine refrigerator series products

Taking multiple measures to conserve energy and reduce emissions and fulfilling the responsibilities concerning the dual carbon strategy.

Green and low-carbon development has become the theme of the times. In the Implementation Plan for Carbon Peaking in the Industrial Sector, the Chinese government proposed to improve the green manufacturing system, further promote clean production, build green and low-carbon factories, and drive the green transformation of the production modes by setting typical examples, thereby giving full play to the synergistic effect of resource conservation and carbon reduction, and reducing industrial carbon emissions through efficient recycling of resources.

In response to the national “two-carbon” strategy, Haier Biomedical has greatly improved the comprehensive utilization rate of resources while significantly reducing the emissions of major pollutants by adhering to lean production and efficient allocation of production resources, which builds a positive interaction between green and high-quality development and high-level protection of the ecological environment. During the construction of green factories, in strict accordance with the policy requirements, Haier Biomedical has improved the output value of the unit land area and promoted land intensification through technological innovation, production process optimization, as key examples. In the production and manufacturing of products and components, Haier Biomedical gives priority to renewable and recyclable environment-friendly materials to increase the proportion of environment-friendly materials and promote the use of harmless raw materials. Also, the company strictly controls waste, waste gas, and greenhouse gas emissions and purifies 95% of the foaming waste gases efficiently using UV photooxidation technology and plasma recombination + activated carbon adsorption technology. It refines the waste treatment methods, reduces the generation of hazardous wastes, and improves waste recycling and reuse, etc., to ensure clean production and waste utilization and reduce the burden on the environment.

Haier Biomedical also actively promotes the implementation of a lot of energy-saving and carbon-reduction technological upgrading projects and constantly optimizes the production processes. On the one hand, the company saves energy and reduces consumption through a strict selection of level 2 and above energy-saving equipment and taking waste heat recovery and other measures; on the other hand, it optimizes the energy use structure and makes full use of the roofing resources to develop distributed photovoltaic power generation and improve photovoltaic power generation efficiency, thereby reducing carbon emissions constantly. In addition, Haier Biomedical has also accelerated the implementation of green supply chain management. By developing enterprise standards on product and hazardous substance management, the company implements stricter requirements that are higher than the EU and national RoHS standards on suppliers and constantly improves the purchasing processes and mechanisms to achieve green purchasing.

Through a series of energy-saving and carbon-reduction measures, Haier Biomedical has developed a green road strategy and implementation process with high-end medical equipment industry characteristics, setting the leading example for the industry. At Haier Biomedical we will continue to play to the exemplary role of a national green factory, continue to deeply practice the green development concept, and promote the perfection and development of an efficient, clean, low-carbon, and recycling green and intelligent manufacturing system constantly by tackling green technologies, developing green products, upgrading green factories, building green demonstration parks, optimizing the green supply chain, etc., thereby leading the green transformation and upgrading of the high-end medical equipment industry and promoting the high-quality development of China’s industrial economy.

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