TOMO HOLDINGS LIMITED Launches TOMO, an Innovative Public Chain Network, and CHATwo, the first Crypto-AIGC tool

TOMO HOLDINGS LIMITED introduces brand-new innovations at the TOMO WEB3: Metaverse Ecosystem Public Chain Global Launch Event.

Hong Kong – Feb 24, 2023 – TOMO HOLDINGS LIMITED continues to be at the forefront of developing and optimizing the metaverse ecological chain.

Since the innovation and the widespread use of the Internet, every technological change has brought a significant impact on people’s lives. In this era of rapid technological development, blockchain and Web 3.0 have become the largest revolution and the future development trend of the Internet.

TOMO HOLDINGS LIMITED has seized this opportunity to create a brand-new Public Chain technology, TOMO, and launch the key project CHATwo to cooperate with the development and layout of the Metaverse project.

The company has held a WEB3.0 conference at the AsiaWorld-Expo and invited industry specialists Mr. Tony Tong and Bao Shi to introduce these developments in the Metaverse and WEB3.0.

Guest Speeches at the Conference

The press conference was held at Asia Expo on Feb 16, 2023. Ms. Ma Xiao Qiu, the chairman of TOMO HOLDINGS LIMITED, made an opening speech for the conference via video. Afterward, Mr. Wang Jian Cheng and Dr. Cheney Tsoi delivered speeches for the Booming Web3 conference, followed by Mr. Lei Gan Zheng, who introduced the development and application of virtual humans in the present and future.

In addition to inviting guests from the blockchain industry, the press conference also invited celebrities, including Mr. Simon Yam Tat-wah, Kimi, Artie, and other notable names in the industry. All guests and celebrities carried out the ribbon-cutting ceremony.

Blockchain specialists Mr. Tony Tong and Mr. Bao Shi discussed the topics “Digital Development of the Cultural and Creative Industry in the Post-epidemic Era” and “Metaverse World View and Lifelong Learning” to help participants have a clear understanding of the current development trend of the industry.

Kimi, a Youtuber, was also present to introduce the virtual Youtuber hoshiboshi produced by CHATwo and share the role of the Public Chain project TOMO in current and future developments.

Virtual YouTuber hoshiboshi introduced by Youtuber Kimi

At the conference, Youtuber Kimi talked about the major developments of CHATwo, shared the role of TOMO in the present and future, and discussed the evolution of the virtual Youtuber hoshiboshi.

She showed a demonstration clip of hoshiboshi to help everyone understand the AI technology’s current progress. Kimi said, “AI technology does not belong to the future, but to the present.”

hoshiboshi is created from the concept of CHATwo. It has cooperated with Japanese creative studios and opened exclusive accounts on OpenSea, Discord, and Twitter social platforms to display its unique creative works. These brought out the practicability and charm of CHATwo, thereby promoting its development and application to a broader audience.

hoshiboshi is not a simple AI but the abilities of human memory, thinking, and communication developed based on CHATtwo’s technology.

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