Kerotin is a self-care brand on a mission to help women of all ages achieve their hair goals through natural hair care products.

Kerotin’s ever-growing line of cruelty-free hair products has been scientifically formulated to promote hair growth and add strength and luster to the hair.

Kerotin’s Commitment to Hair Care 

Established in 2015, Kerotin is a self-care brand that formulates products catered to women’s hair needs. “Whether you’re undergoing a transformative haircut, trying out a bold new hair color, or simply dealing with the inevitable effects of time and hormones on your hair, Kerotin has got you covered.”  As Tayana, a proud representative of the brand, puts it, “As women, our hair care needs are constantly evolving and adapting to the changes in our bodies. Whether it’s due to pregnancy, post-partum, aging, styling, or even environmental factors, our hair’s chemistry is constantly being impacted. Recognizing this, we have developed natural products that support women no matter where they are in their hair-care journey. Our brand philosophy goes beyond simply providing innovative hair-care, but to also educate women on adopting healthy lifestyle practices.”

Formulated with Innovative and Researched-Backed Ingredients 

Kerotin’s commitment to providing only the best for their customers shines through their innovative and researched-backed formulas. With a focus on cruelty-free and drug-free ingredients, Kerotin has created a range of products suitable for all hair types that not only enhances the appearance of hair, but also supports its overall health.

Kerotin believes in adapting and constantly evolving to incorporate promising new ingredients in its hair-care line. Ingredients such as hyaluronic acid or snail mucin have been widely promoted in skincare to restore the skin barrier and lock in moisture. However, Kerotin has introduced these popular skincare ingredients into the hair care industry, pioneering the ‘skinification’ of hair care in their recent launches of a Snail Mucin Hair Serum and Hyaluronic Acid Detangling Spray

Their best-sellers, Intensive Growth Drops and Extensive Thickening Spray, also incorporate clinically-studied ingredients such as rosemary, pea sprouts and ancient grains to promote hair growth and thickness and decrease hair loss. Such natural alternatives are proven to be more effective and safer than minoxidil-based hair growth products, commonly sold as a hair loss solution.

Kerotin is not only focused on promoting natural hair-care ingredients and manufacturing quality products, but they also believe in educating their customers about the uses and benefits of innovative natural hair-care ingredients. 

Hair Care Solutions for All

Kerotin is a self-care brand that has curated a unique range of clean and natural hair-care products suited to all hair types and ages. From hair growth serums, vitamins and gummies to styling and volumizing products, Kerotin takes a holistic approach to hair health. Most importantly, providing support and listening to customers’ feedback while adapting products accordingly and efficiently, is their utmost value.

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