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If cleaning your floor entails vacuuming dust off first with a vacuum cleaner and then mopping it, it’s probably time for you to try out a wet & dry vacuum cleaner. And the brand-new TAB T6 Pro is a great option to start cleaning more time efficiently, as it sweeps and mops at the time. Setting up the TAB T6 Pro is straightforward. Simply insert the handle into the main body and you’re good to go. Don’t forget to setup the charging dock as well.

Design and build quality

Unlike traditional Tineco vacuum cleaners which you can tuck it away in your storeroom after use, the TAB T6 Pro is meant to be part of a house. Thankfully, the TAB T6 Pro has a clean, minimalistic design featuring a round body and handle. The body has a matte finish in a modern dark grey color, which will blend in seamlessly in any house. The overall construction of the TAB T6 Pro is feels well done and sturdy. The plastic used feels high quality, and I did not notice any part of the vacuum cleaner that felt subpar of rattly. The TAB T6 Pro weighs in at 17 pounds, which feels ok to use – not too light, not too heavy, partly also because it kind of moves on its own (more on that later).

The charging dock is made of plastic and has useful accessory holders to keep your cleaning brush. The docking point is easy to connect as well. It would have been nice if the dock was a bit weightier as it sometimes will shift when I’m trying to dock the TAB T6 Pro back.

Handling and usage

It is relatively easy to operate the TAB T6 Pro. There are three buttons on the handle – (1) to power on the vacuum cleaner, (2) to switch between the cleaning modes, and (3) to kickstart self-cleaning. Moreover, the unprecedented large water tank (1000ml clean water & 800ml dirty water tank) allows you to clean your big house with convenient and fast.

Before you start using the TAB T6 Pro, do ensure that you fill the clean water tank with water. The clean water tank is located at the back and has a 1000ml capacity. The water in the clean water tank is used for channeling water to the brush as you clean. Keep the water tank in the front empty as it is used to store dirty water and dust collected from the floor. The dirty water tank has 800ml capacity, which is an upgrade from Tineco and Dreame. Having a larger dirty water tank allows it to store more dirt before needing to empty it. Both water tanks are easy to remove, refill, and latch back on to the body.

Battery life

TAB T6 Pro is equipped with a replaceable battery pack that delivers up to 35 minutes of cleaning before needing to charge. 35 minutes should be sufficient to clean a small to medium size house. You could even replace the battery to acquire an extra cleaning hour. And during my time of cleaning withe the TAB T6 Pro, I have not encountered a time where the battery ran out before my intended cleaning session. As for charging, the TAB T6 Pro takes about 4.5 hours to fully charge it from flat.

Easy operation

Operating the TAB T6 Pro is intuitive. You simply have to tilt the vacuum from its upright position, then turn on the power and it will move forward on its own as it begins vacuuming. As the TAB T6 Pro moves on its own, there isn’t a need to push the vacuum cleaner forward at all, making cleaning easy.

As for making small changes in directions, you simply have to guide the TAB T6 Pro by slight turns of your wrist.


Once you are done cleaning, simply dock the TAB T6 Pro on the charging base and press the self-cleaning button. It takes about 2 minutes for the self-cleaning to complete the cleaning process. With that procedure, it could save you time and trouble so you can focus on something else.

Performance and user experience

I find the TAB T6 Pro easy and ergonomic to use. Navigating the direction of the TAB T6 Pro is also easy to do as shown above. During my time of testing, I found the TAB T6 Pro considerably powerful for a stick-style vacuum cleaner, and is able to clean the floors effectively, be it marble or parquet flooring. I’ve had no issues cleaning up crumbs, liquid or sticky stains on the floor. The finish is ever so slightly damp, but it is less damp than using a traditional mop. Although there are several modes, I find myself using the auto mode the most as it is good enough to get the job done. As for efficiency of cleaning, the TAB T6 Pro does great in most places of the house especially at corners of the house due to its innovative edge-to-edge roller brush. This allows the TAB T6 Pro to clean the floor edges more effectively as the roller brush is now able to reach much closer to the baseboards. This edge-to-edge roller brush design is improved from Tineco S5 which leaves plenty of after edge cleaning. Having an edge-to-edge brush allows you to clean corners more effectively from any direction. However, one thing that the TAB T6 Pro is not capable of doing is cleaning tight areas such as under a sofa as the stick is not able to be angled low enough.


As someone who is using a wet & dry vacuum for the first time, I have to say that I’m quite impressed by the capabilities of the TAB T6 Pro. It is well-designed with features that allow a new user to pick up quickly and use without much maintenance and after-cleaning required. Gone are the days of owning two different equipment to clean your house which takes up quite a lot of time. Cleaning with the TAB T6 Pro is fast and fuss-free, which I believe will be the new way forward.

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