Relic Tickets Moving Company Headquarters to St. Petersburg, Florida

Live Entertainment ticketing company collapses distances between fans and their favorite artists. Technology built on next generation technologies and delivered with respect and integrity; Relic Tickets is proving there is a better way for ticketing.

Relic Tickets offers a “smart ticket” system built on the blockchain for event venues. The benefits for the venue and ultimately the artists and their fans are notable including fraud & scalping prevention, unique data collection, and a whole host of pre-and post-event benefits.

Relic Tickets was looking for a city that was both innovative in its thinking and demonstrated a mutual interest in collaborating at the leadership, business, and community level. They were seriously exploring staying and growing in Lakeland, FL, or moving to start-up rich cities, like Austin, TX, or Miami, FL. They had some familiarity with St. Petersburg since their co-founder grew up in a nearby city. When St. Pete came to them with a comprehensive approach, Relic was immediately interested.

Relic decided to make the move to St. Petersburg for many reasons. The innovative spirit is powerful and addicting; the workforce is talented and accessible, the quality of life is spectacular-on the water, the city is walkable, and warm; and the business benefits and proximity to a major airport all spoke to the co-founders’ needs. All that said, the most heavily weighted reason, was the community. Relic felt welcomed, understood, and supported every step of the way; And that credit goes to the leadership at St. Pete’s EDC. Relic believes the transition to St. Petersburg will be seamless with the amazing growth potential.

Relic Tickets is in the process of searching for their official headquarters, and will work out of the Thrive DTSP coworking space in the interim. The co-founder will be working out of their St. Pete office, and the rest of the executives and staff will be hybrid or will move from their current locations. They plan to grow to at least 20-30 employees in St. Petersburg in the next few years.

Hunter Abramson, co-Founder and CEO of Relic Tickets says, “We are thrilled to relocate our corporate headquarters to St. Petersburg, Florida. We had a lot of choices of cities we could call home. St Pete’s EDC welcomed us with open arms and laid the path to what’s possible. All we had to do was follow it.  And here we come.”

Abramson went on to say “Relic is built on respect, integrity, and community. We’re working on re-imagining an entire ecosystem that desperately needs to feel this way. Clearly, we need to be in a vibrant city that believes in and invests in community and in innovation all wrapped in an amazing quality of life. We are also excited by the area’s ability to attract diverse talent and are excited to be an active part of St. Petersburg’s growth. St. Pete has a thriving tech community, and we want to give back, we want to be an integral part of helping the community grow.”

Kenny Lauer, Chief Strategy Officer says “I have lived and worked in Silicon Valley almost my whole career. I know what innovation looks and feels like. St. Pete has an innovative spirit coursing through its veins. To me, when a city demonstrates this spirit in addition to great resources and a crystal-clear understanding of what a startup needs to grow and scale, this is the place to be.”

J.P. DuBuque, President and CEO of the St. Petersburg Economic Development Corporation said, “Relic represents exactly the kind of industry-changing innovation you find in St. Petersburg, and they’re the kind of company we welcome—creative, entrepreneurial, and dedicated to being part of the community. We are delighted that they’ve chosen to ‘Become St. Pete’ and we look forward to their involvement and leadership here.”

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